Looking for suggestions.

  • Dn1983
    Looking for suggestions.
    on: 2019-03-07 21:33:17
    I’m contemplating my first cycle.I am 35 and my test is low 300’s. My free test is 12. My diet and routine could not be any better. My question is......Would an increase in my testosterone levels keeping it below the “supraphysioligical” dose, aid me in more efficient fat loss. My doctor will not do TRT. I used a lot of drugs earlier in life and think I may have prematurely impacted my natural production. It just seems low to me. I’m open to all suggestions. Is it worth Pinning from 100 and peaking at 250 a week during my first cycle or do I just go all in? Current weight :185Current bf: 16%Goal: 185 @ 10%
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Looking for suggestions.
    on: 2019-03-18 16:07:00

    Ok first off, if you don't feel well and your dr wont help you fix it, get a new Dr. You can do whatever you want on cycle and after that, you’re going to go back to not feeling quite right. You don't want to live that way for the rest of your life and it’s not your Dr’s right to take away from you either. Im familiar with a couple of different reference ranges but on one of them, you’d be under range and on the other, you would be at the very low end. Theres a good chance you’ll qualify. I don’t care what your reason is for ending up with low test, if it was genetic or if it was your fault. You don’t need to just accept this. As for steroids and fat loss, in your situation, you may experience better fat loss, just by getting test into a better normal level. Thing is, if you take test, it is going to have an impact on your already low levels. In my experience, guys who have a weaker natural production tend to struggle more to recover post cycle. This could be devastating for your physique (and mental health). I can’t say what you need to do medically to improve that but if you search out a good endo, especially one that has a good understanding of athletes, you will have the best chance to figure out what the issue is. Who knows, there may another reason for this as well that we aren’t even aware of. Finally lets find a solution you can use now. First of all, the key is nutrition. I feel compelled to remind everyone of this. If you are on a solid plan, a fat burner could be of benefit, helping you shed more lbs faster. Of course, if someone were to use one without a solid diet, ones the drug is discontinued, you’d go back to what you were before. As far as suggestions, have you looked into clen. You can use this to help with fat loss while not impacting your already shaky test level. If you look around only, you’ll see all sorts of ways to use it. I subscribe to 20mcg taken first thing in the morning, then increasing by about 20mcg every 2 wks (so 40 total in week 3, 60 in week 5 etc), going no higher than 100-120mcg, then after 2 wks of that, take some time off of it. You can do a fast taper over a week instead of cold turkey to help avoid some fluid rebound that could potentially happen if you stop all at once. If you do though, it usually isn’t too bad and is fast to subside