Fat burning

  • anonymous433
    Fat burning
    on: 2019-03-09 21:18:05
    Who makes the best anavar? And is there anything else you suggest to trim down fat with to go along with prop and anavar?
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Fat burning
    on: 2019-03-18 16:04:20

    Since day one of Geneza, I have used them. In fact, its the main brand I trust with female clients. I’ve seen good lab results from a 3rd party as well. Obviously, females need to be really careful with what they take and I’ve only seen good results with Geneza for them. Thats the true test. As a male taking prop and var and working toward fat loss, adding in clen would be a good option to directly help with fat loss. It will only help take a working diet and make your results even better. 20mcg every morning for 2 wks, then 40 for 2 wks, then 60, etc going no higher than 120 for 2 wks at the end, then taking several weeks off. So you can time that up to use up to the end of your cycle. If you still need more of a push, you could get some T3. Hold off on starting it. Then if you hit a wall and cant get further, you could consider adding 25mcg every morning on an empty stomach as a replacement for natural production which may slow as the diet gets harder. As long as you keep the dose low, you can most easily control side effects. Its the people that take high doses, say 100mcg, that see t3 related issues. Remember, with all this stuff, you want to respect the drugs you are taking. Thee are all powerful hormones and drugs. They can do a lot of great things for your look and performance but you can also hurt yourself if you dont respect them.