What to run for first cycle?

  • Superman23
    What to run for first cycle?
    on: 2019-04-22 07:07:00
    So I am Looking to run My first cycle of testosterone. I have done my research but I do not know anyone who has ran it before. Which test is the best to run to start off with. I’m 25 and weight 210. I have been lifting regularly for the past year. I’m thinking about running 250mg-500mg a week. Is that to much or not enough? Also would I need to run an Estrogen blocker with that amount?
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: What to run for first cycle?
    on: 2019-05-01 13:48:03

    500mg a week is a good place to start. You can do a number of cycles at that dose and do very well. Either Test Cyp or Test E would be your best option. Either are fine. They are basically the same in effect. I would use arimidex for estrogen control on cycle. Then Clomid post cycle for your PCT. 2 wks after last shot, 100mg clomid for 7 days. Then 14 days at 50mg