Peak Week

  • WolvesCry7
    Peak Week
    on: 2019-04-23 22:22:29
    I've posted questions before, most recently about my wife's cycle for a bikini competition. So, with this question I'd like to follow up about peak week right before her comp. To quickly summarize, I'm a personal trainer, and am pretty knowledgeable about training and dieting, especially since I'm a major fat loss success story (going from 300lbs and a 34% body fat to 190lbs and 12% body fat). While my wife and I have basic PEDs knowledge from having cycled in the past, I have never trained a competitor before. So my knowledge for competition prep is basic at best. I've never been behind the scenes as it were, for a body building competition. I've found basic stuff online for peak ranging from water and sodium depletes to eating a snickers bar back stage to drinking a glass of red wine. I know water and sodium depletes are important, but I'm not sure which questions to ask specifically other than a general one like this. So, any advice from a pro for peak week leading up to a bikini comp would be greatly appreciated.
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Peak Week
    on: 2019-05-01 13:45:35

    This is a big topic and unfortunately, there is no best answer as to what to do. Thats because every peak is different. Even the same person is going to be peaked different in different shows, only weeks apart from one another. There are peaks that I change water. Peaks I dont. Peaks we reduce sodium and or use a mild diuretic and peaks whenre we add salt and add water going into the show. Its all different. I can give you some input though, as what not to do. Don't follow any protocol that says “THis is the best way to peak”. There is no best way. I’m evaluating my client every day leading into the show. We have done refeeds as needed for 12, 16 or possibly longer, 24 wks say. And each time we do so, its data that goes into understanding how I want to handle the show peak. So nothing is left to guess work. Also understand that red wine, candy bars etc never were the difference maker than won someone a show. The winner was ready walking into the venue. All my decisions are based off progress pics taken through the week and then through regular check ins through the final days, like pics sent 3 to 7 times a day from Thursday on. And the decisions I make about water, salt, carbs are all based off what the client's body is doing. The key is learning to read whats happening and knowing what tools to apply to this imdivdiual. Each person is going to have a unique response to changes. You want to know what those responses are going to be long before you actually do the peak. So I’m sorry I cant give you a formula. I can tell you what the destination is, but I cant tell you what lanes I’d take on the road until I’m driving. The best advice I can give is to make sure she is ready early. If she is 100%, you wont need to do much to bring her in. If she looks great a week out, you're better off not changing anything than risking making it worse. Once things are screwy, its much harder to bring someone back, than having just kept them there to begin with. If you guys decide to bring someone else in, reach out to me through the Next Level Nutrition page, here at Naps. I would be happy to show you guys the work I've done, turning a number of state level girls pro in the division.