Cutting. Test/Tren/Mast

  • Christoph
    Cutting. Test/Tren/Mast
    on: 2019-05-01 03:54:39
    Not sure what ratio I should go with for my first cutting cycle. I was thinking 500 test / 300 tren / 300 mast for about 12 weeks.Any thoughts?
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Cutting. Test/Tren/Mast
    on: 2019-05-10 09:16:16

    It would be helpful to know what your cycle history looks like and what your experience with these compounds are. I am going to assume you are newer to gear and that you have not used mast or tren before. I would plan the diet for 12-16 wks. Test e or Cyp 500mg through the cycle. Adex to control estrogen. Starting with .5mg EOD then increasing as needed. I would also consider using clen off and on through the cycle for fat burning. Remember the steroids do not burn fat. They will help preserve muscle while you diet and cardio the fat off. Clen will help though. I’ve made many posts here talking about how I suggest using clen so read more of the QA and you will learn that plus a lot more. Then at 10 to 12 wks out, add in Masteron. I would suggest Mast E or Mast 200 by Geneza. This way you can stick with 2x wk shots, taking it with your test shots. 300-400mg for your weekly total. Then if you want to add tren, with 8 wks left in the cycle I would begin splitting your shots up into every other day. So for instance, if your test is 250mg/ml, you would take .5ml every other day, same with Masteron. Then add to this 50mg tren per shot every other day. This will be plenty and the combo of all three compounds plus the fat burner will give you amazing results, assuming you’re dieted down and lean. This is exactly what I would have a client do for a contest prep