• Noname
    on: 2019-05-01 23:20:23
    This will be 4th cycle. Have ran tren test dbol and car in past. Plan on running test e proviron primobolan winny and halotestin. Armidex for my ai. What should my dosages for this cycle look like and what for a pct? Nolva clomid?
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Dosage
    on: 2019-05-27 17:51:20

    Believe you are the same guy as a couple questions ago but have switched a couple compounds around. To cover the drug we didn't outline before, halo, 10-20mg a day for no more than 3 wks. I’d use this at the very end of the cycle. Proviron at 50mg through the cycle. Even 25 would help though. And I would consider adding HCG at 250iu 2x wk through the cycle right up to PCT. PCT being 100mg Clomid for 7 days. Then 50mg for 14 days. You could add in Nolvadex at 20mg through the whole PCT if you want. I don't think it would hurt