Questions about first cycle with Test E

  • Wes88
    Questions about first cycle with Test E
    on: 2019-05-21 18:13:20
    Hello: I am starting my first cycle and I have some questions. First some background: I am male 5'11'' 200lbs 33 y/o, work out 4-5x/week am starting my cycle because I would like to see better results. Here is what I have on hand right now:Test E 250mg/1MLArmidex 1 (Anastrozole 1mg)HCG ZyhCGTamoxifen 20Clomid 50Questions:1) I am doing Test E 250MG, 2x week - is that the recommended dosage for my first cycle? How long does a usual cycle last? 6 weeks? 12 weeks? What is the longest I should go? 2) Does it matter when I take the Test E on the days I do? Morning? Evening? Before workout? After? 3) So far I've done two injections. The first one made my quad super super sore. The second one I did in the same place, and while still sore, it is not as bad as the first time. Should I continue to do injections in the same right quad muscle or should I switch it up? Will it always be super sore after i inject? Are there tips to minimize the soreness? 4) I've read different things about IM injections (in a muscle like the quad) vs. subcutaneous injections (in the fat/stomach instead of muscle) - and which is more effective and/or which is the preferred method. Any thoughts or guidance here?5) I've read in these forums the anastrozole should be taken 0.5mg every other day. Will it make a big difference if I take the entire 1mg tablet? They are kind of difficult to cut in half and are covered in this blue dye that stains everything - so just wanted to see if i can just take a full 1mg. 6) If I take the anastrozole every day instead of every other day will it work better? I'm concerned about accumulating fat in my chest and other estrogen related effects, so was just wondering if taking it every day would reduce those effects more.7) How should i be taking everything else i have on hand? A friend gave me a list of what to get, but other then the test e and armidex i don't know how/when i should be taking everything else.8) It looks like the HCG ZyhCG is an injectable. How important is the HCG to this process? I obviously would prefer to avoid injections whenever possible - so just curious about the HCG and how important it is because everything else except the Test E seems to be oral. Also it looks like its in two bottles - do i just mix them together? Same injection site (right quad, intramuscular, 25 gauge 1.5'' needle?)? Smaller gauge needle? Different injection site?9) After i complete my cycle how long do people usually wait until their next cycle? Any other tips about how i should be thinking about all this? Thanks in advance - I've read some really helpful information on this forum.
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Questions about first cycle with Test E
    on: 2019-06-01 10:41:52

    500mg a week is a good dose. Its a long ester, meaning it will break down over days so time of day you take it does not matter. 10-12 wks is a good length. You should always rotate, injecting into the same site no more than once a week. If you use too much adex you will drive your estrogen down too low and get side effects, just like if its too high. You want to just keep it in balance. Get a pill cutter to make it easier to cut tablets. .5mg 3x wk to EOD should be good to start, given your 500mg test. You’ll have to do more research on what HCG is and does. Reading an article on it will provide so much more than I can summarize here.  You ask if it is important. That depends on how much you value your recovery after. It will make a big difference if you run this throughout the cycle at about 250iu 2x wk. This is done with an insulin pin and taken sub q. So very easy to take. PCT starts 2 wks after last shot of test. You can run the HCG right up to PCT. Then use your Tomoxifin, 40mg every day for 7 days. Then 14-21 days at 20mg. Then wait the length of the cycle plus the time it took to do PCT, so about 15 wks before starting again. You could do labs after 8-10 wks to test your levels and if you are back to your normal test levels and all other health markers are in place, you could start sooner