offseason and precontest cycles for women

  • anonymous164
    offseason and precontest cycles for women
    on: 2013-11-02 03:02:33
    There are alot of opinions out there but curious of some good cycles both offseason and precontest specifaclly for a woman and a woman comepeting currently in physique at the national level. Want to avoid any masculanization effectsalso curious dosages with compounds suggested
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: offseason and precontest cycles for women
    on: 2013-11-07 02:05:56

    The safest drug to use is anavar, between 5-20mg. I would suggest using the least that will give you a good effect. Even with this compound, some sides may occour, depending on how sensitive you are to androgens and depending on how much you use. But sides are still mild compared to something like winny, which is commonly thought as a decent drug for females but is notorious for thickening vocal cords, without much warning. Anavar's side will probably be much less harsh in comparision. I would expect something. You're not going to be able to use male hormones without paying the price in some way. The side may be small, but there will be something. An ex of mine got additional body hair growth from var. It was mild, but if she were to use it for years, I'm sure the difference would be noticble. She complained about more hair on her arms and a few that sprouted on her chin. This hair growth will slow down in the speed it grows, once you are "off". but once you have new hair, you will probably be stuck with it. I know countless females that get lazered on a reg basis to keep facial hair growth down. So if you use, watch your body closely. If you want to compete for your pro card, this may be something you'll have to come to terms with. Weigh it out. 

    I would also use nolvadex to harden up and control estrogen for fat loss. I'd start with 10mg and move to 20mg. This will give you a much harder, drier look, which can be a huge help for females in the glutes and hips. 

    Third, I would look into peptides. They are NOT going to have a virilizing effect, as they are not related to testosterone, like AAS. For this reason, peptides can be a great option for females. In the off season, If you are looking to add more mass, I would look into IGF-LR3, dosed around 20mcg pre or post workout for 8 wks on, 3 wks off. I would also look at GH while in the off season, as well as in contest prep. It will allow you to gain more muscle, while keeping you leaner in the off season. GH is not going to give you dramatic gains like steroids, but over the long term, it will be very helpful. In contest prep, it'll help you maintain size and roundness while getting you leaner. the key with GH is to use it long term. At your level, I would commit to staying on the best quality GH you can get, for as long as you can through the year, at the highest dose you can justify and afford using. 4iu would be ideal, but even 2 would make a difference. 

    If you were to run AAS into a show, I would do something like this. Like I said though, see how you respond to anavar and if you can use less, say starting with 5mg and moving to 10mg. I would also consider looking into clen and possibly t3 for fat loss in your contest diet. these will have no virilizing effect  :

    wks 1-6

    Anavar 10mg

    nolvadex 10mg

    wks 7-12

    Anavar 15-20mg

    nolvadex 20mg