Andro Mix and TNE

  • Mcnasty613
    Andro Mix and TNE
    on: 2013-11-03 22:44:10
    I was considering using GP's Andro Mix (test prop, tren, masteron 50 mg a piece) at 1cc a day with 1cc of TNE?/Dbol mix (75/25 mg). Injecting 1 1/2 hours from workout. How long could I maintain this cycle and see gains? And at what week, if any, ahould I up my dose? I will be doing an anti estrogen and camber (anti-prolactin) during the cycle and a good pct as well.
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Andro Mix and TNE
    on: 2013-11-04 15:20:42

    TNE or TNE/dbol is a great product for getting a cycle started fast. I wouldn't suggest running it for an entire cycle though. Though the dbol is injectable, it still is going to tax your liver more than drugs that aren't 17AA. Also, I think it's important to ask what your goal is with this cycle. Prop, Tren, Mast are considered a "hardening" stack, or cutting drugs. TNE and dbol are mass builders. The idea of using TNE/Dbol, is to put on more fluid to increase overall mass and strength for muscle gains. You could use them in the begining of the cycle to help grow, while you're cleaning the diet up and losing fat, while not cutting super hard. Assuming your goal is to lean up, I might set things up like this. keep in mind TNE and dbol must be injected ED. As you said, 1.5 hours before training is probably your best bet. You may want to play with timing a little, maybe try 2 hrs and 1 hr before training, so you can best see how the TNE metabolizes for your personally. The dbol won't matter as much. I dont find that injectable dbol proworkout makes a huge difference, but moreso, it gets good after about 10 days, when you have dosed it consistently ED


    1cc andromix ED

    1cc TNE/dbol ED 


    1cc andromix


    it's impossible to say what your gains will l be like from this cycle. There are too many factors, such as how long you've trained, how big you already are, how many cycles you've done in the past and how recent your last cycle was. Be aware, this cycle is pretty big. We're taking 5 seperate compounds plus your AI and caber. If you are new to gear, this is really far too much. If you are expereinced with gear and especially with tren, this cycle should help build some good lean mass.