Peptides + Bulk Cycle

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    Peptides + Bulk Cycle
    on: 2013-05-12 17:16:37
    Hello, thank you for the taking the time to answer my question. Im 28 and have been lifting for years, I also have experienced with cycles in the past. There is 2 questions I would like for you to clarify for me if possible.
    1- I'm interested in using pep tides (igf1Lr3 or others) mainly for muscle growth and development but Im very confused on how to exactly use them and if the pep tides can help me achieve muscle growth and development. If yes, can you recommend me and tell me how to get started and what to expect. dosage, timing, sides, on a cycle or off cycle. I can't seem to figure out based on the info online.
    2- I'm interested in a nice bulking cycle that can help me achieve Lean Mass without much bloat, the compounds I've looked at are NPP, Test Prop. I don;t know if I should add another compound like EQ, or anything else. In the past I've used Test Prop and Tren Ace and have had success with them but I don't know if tren would be good for a bulk since Im looking at 12-16 weeks. Can you give me a clean good lasting bulk cycle that I can start at the end of summer?

    Again Thank you for your expert advice to people like myself.
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    Re: Peptides + Bulk Cycle
    on: 2013-05-13 04:59:18

    igf is a great peptide to help with mass gains. i like to keep the dose lower and run it for a more extended period of time. if you up the dose, it becomes ineffective quickly. for this reason, i stick with about 25mcg IM, directly after training, using an insulin pin. when i say directly, i mean within 5 minutes of finishing my workout, i am taking my igf. i will run it this way for 8 wks on, 4 wks off. on nontraining days, i take it about the same time i would on training days. it is "insulin like" so take it with carbs and be prepared for the possibility of going a little hypo. if you do, take in more fast acting carbs right away and in the future up your post training carbs to avoid it from happening again. another worthwhile peptide that i have used is GHRP6. i use it in conjunction with my gh, taking gh in the AM and ghrp6 in the evening at around 300mcg


    i'm not a fan of using short esters for bulking. i stay lean, under 10% body fat while i bulk and even while using dbol, i never get an overly soft, sloppy look. "lean bulking" is going to come down much more to your diet. i would suggest a long acting test, like sust or cyp along with EQ for 16 wks. often i will add in NPP for the first 8 wks. this is my favorite stack. i have made some of my best gains on this combo. remember that some water retention is good. it will add strength which in turn will add mass with enough food. also, well hydrated cells signal anabolism.