crossfit and steroids

  • Jeff
    crossfit and steroids
    on: 2013-05-13 03:54:58
    I'm looking into a cycle stack and I basically just do crossfit. I was wondering if steroids would be a good alternative to show great gains doing this type of workouts. And if so what stack would be good. I DO NOT want to do TEST P.
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: crossfit and steroids
    on: 2013-05-14 06:10:15

    steroids for performance are a very different game than steroids for bodybuilding. much of what i would suggest for a physique athlete would be different than i would suggest for someone like yourself, a fighter, or a track athlete. so often, i'm confronted with people who want to gain mass but always bring the caveat, "...but i dont want water retention". from there, i have to go into what is almost a prepared diatribe about the benefits of holding fluid while working towards the goal of muscle gain. you are in a rare catagory, where added bulk and fluid will hamper your goals. as i said, athletes focused on preformance come from a different angle. i have limited experience helping athletes outside of the bodybuilding world. thats not to say i haven't helped them. just that they are fewer. mostly fighers and a good handfull of soccer players. anavar is a great drug for your goals. you don't need to take the huge doses used by a bodybuilder attempting to gain mass. in fact, smaller doses are ideal for people with your goal. for a BB, i would suggest 50-80mg, depending on their experience level and what else they were taking, but you will find that even 30mg ED will show some great results in preformance. anavar is great for strength while not adding fluid and it doesnt dry the joints out like winny, so your repetitive movements will be less likely to compromise your tendons and connective tissues. in fact, anavar will up regulate collagen production. 


    i would suggest starting there. 30-40mg of anavar. because this is a liver toxic oral, i would not run it longer than 8 wks and i would use milk thistle 1000mg ED as well as drink more water than you normallly would. at least 1 gallon per day. the day after you stop anavar, begin PCT for 3 wks. in the future, you may want to consider trying test e at a low dose of around 250mg. you can run anavar on top of that, if you desire. with long acting test, the trick will be using enough of an AI, to reduce fluid retention. after you have gotten used to using long acting test, i would consider test prop. it would be an ideal form of test for your goals, but i wouldnt suggest it for a first time injectable cycle, as the EOD shots can be painful.