EQ Question & Winstrol Inj VS Winstrol Oral

  • BYYY
    EQ Question & Winstrol Inj VS Winstrol Oral
    on: 2013-05-13 09:05:57
    Hi there, thank you so much for your honest reply to my last questions. Regarding EQ, I forgot to ask you if I were to go on a 12 weeks cycle of Sustanon & EQ, would using going on EQ for 10 weeks be sufficient? I know EQ takes a long time to kick in and alot of sources say to go on it for at least 12 weeks. So I'm wondering if 10 weeks would be fine.

    Another question would be: what's the diff between Winstrol Inj & Winstrol Oral? Does it give the same results with Winstrol Inj being less harsh on the liver?
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: EQ Question & Winstrol Inj VS Winstrol Oral
    on: 2013-05-14 15:12:24

    EQ takes a long time to work. i would use it for at least 12-14 wks. ideally, i would run it for 16 wks. still, it isnt as though you will get no benefits at 10 wks. i just feel that it doesnt start physically showing results for much longer than most AAS. the gains will come on slow but consistently.


    personally, i don't like using water based injections, as it is a lot easier for bacteria to thrive in water vs oil. injectable winny may be less toxic on the liver, as it misses the liver on it's first pass into the blood stream, but ovreall, it is the exact same compound. results should be the same, but IME, injecting seems to have a slightly stronger effect