IGF-1 and insulin

  • stan
    IGF-1 and insulin
    on: 2013-11-14 01:51:03
    Sir,I enjoy reading your answers.I was going to do hgh & insulin but i'm not comfortable with insulin.will i get good groth with IGF-1 and test? Also i'm not sure what the mesurement is for mcg compaired to cc and iu that i use.do i inject IGF in the muscle? Thanks for listening.
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: IGF-1 and insulin
    on: 2013-11-14 23:38:42

    Hey bro, Thank for following the Q/A. I hope you've learned some things that'll help you reach your goals.

    I wouldn't compare igf to insulin, but you will get muscle gain from igf along with test. It will give you a very full, pumped feeling, but IMO not as intense as insulin. Theres nothing wrong with NOT wanting to mess around with insulin. It can be some dangerous stuff and unless you are competing at a high level, you are probably better off leaving it out of your cycles. IGF will help to recruit satellite cells and over time, give you more muscle cells to develop. The pumped feeling will come on within the first shot, but the long term effects will develop very slowly. 

    Measuring seems to hang up a lot of guys, but if you stop to think about it, its just basic math. SO, MCGs...1000mcg equals 1mg, so if you have a 1mg vial of igf, you have 1000mcg. If you mix 1ml of acetic acid solution, your igf is 1000mcg/ml. so .5ml would be 500ml, .1ml would be 100mcg and so on. 

    With IGF, I prefer to run lower doses for longer, vs higher doses for shorter periods. Once you start upping the dose, your body stops responding to it quicker. I have tried many doses, from high to low, but I like to run it between 25mcg to 40mcg. If you were to mix 1mg of IGF with 2ml of acetic acid, 25mcg would be 5  clicks on an insulin pin. At this dose, you can run it for about 8 wks on, 3 wks off, repeat. You want to do IM injects with IGF. You can do this with a 1/2in insulin pin, as long as you are injecting into areas that aren't covered by much fat, like the side delt. I would inject your IGF either directly before or directly after training. Be aware that the name itself states it's "insulin like". You can feel a little hypo, so if you take it post workout, be sure to take in some carbs with your PWO shake and if you take it preworkout, be sure to have eaten carbs leading up to your training and have some simple carbs on hand. I'd sip on a gatoraid with BCAA's and creatine, while I trained. 


    Also, you had mentioned that you were considering GH. IMO, GH and IGF go great together. I would do 1/2 my GH first thing in the AM, then again 6 hrs later, then take IGF LR3 right after training.