blood test

  • anonymous626
    blood test
    on: 2013-11-17 03:47:31
    my doctor who has me on trt did a blood test. the doctor also knows that I am on the 16 week bulking stack from naps. Here is what she had to say. what say you?"Liver function is better, but kidney dysfunction and the breakdown of muscle iwth the extemely high test is worse. also your good HDL is too low and this increass your risk of suddan cardiac event or attack. you need to decrease the test oral meds or your system can fail. Also call an we will set up a heart saver CT and a stresss test and Echocardiogram if its abnormal" This is the second labs I've had done since I started. firs labs she said cut all dosages in half, which I have done. So my question is what are your thoughts on her statemnents and shouldn't i expect a certain amount of high levels. I am 44 and have been using gear for 10 years, my labs have always been perfect but I have never taken this amount of gear.
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: blood test
    on: 2013-11-19 03:01:10

    You bring up some interesting stuff here that I think gets glossed over a lot of times by guys what are running gear. I would expect your kidney function to "appear" stressed, if you are a bodybuilder with any reasonable amount of muscle. They are measuring the amount of muscle that is passing through the kidneys. This test is based off of the readings that normal people should have. On or off gear, a bodybuilder does not fit into the catagory of normal. Your readings are always going to be highly elevated. The opposite may apply to a little old lady who doesn't have much muscle. For her, testing out as "normal" may be high. The key is to see how consistent your levels are. If they were high on the first test, but much higher than that on the second test, you may have reason to be concerned, but if they stay consistent, there is a chance that this is "normal" for you. I'm not a dr though and I havent seen your labs, so i dont know exactly how high we are talking here. 

    As for the low HDL, this is normal on gear, especially on orals. Make sure you are eating healthy, taking fish oil and getting a good amount of fiber. I would switch to grass fed beef and grass fed butter. I would use free range omega eggs. Not only will these things help keep your heart healthy, they will help your gains. About 6 wks after the cycle, get yourself tested again and see where you're at. A lot of times, guys just look at test levels to determine if they have recovered from a cycle, but getting your cholesterol back to normal is very important. 

    You may want to look around for a Dr who understands athletes and our needs as bodybuilders. Oh, and it wouldn't hurt to get an EKG, to take a look for any left ventricle enlargment. Dont be freaked out if they find that it has enlarged a little. The heart is a muscle and it's very common for athletes using or clean, but it is something you want to keep an eye on