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  • anonymous909
    cycle help
    on: 2013-11-18 05:20:48
    hi thenks for answering all the questions for us. im wondering is 500 test 400 deca and 400 masteron to mutch for 2nd or 3th cycle? or should i lower the doses and just add some anavar or winny? what do u think?
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: cycle help
    on: 2013-11-22 02:24:35

    If you started out with test only for your first cycle, adding in an additional compound for your 2nd cycle would be just fine IMO. I would only suggest experimenting with one new compound per cycle, so that you can see how it effects you. Masteron is great for binding to SHBG but for the most part, I would save it for cutting. If size is your goal, Test and Deca would be a good combo. The doses you outlined are fine, 500mg test and 300 to 400mg deca. Be aware that deca is a 19 nor based steroid and the side effects can be different than the sides from test. Progesterone can cause sexual dysfunction. Cabergoline, taken at about .5mg 2x wk will fix this, if it becomes an issue. I would also suggest using HCG at 250iu 2x wk on this cycle, as deca can be hard to recover from. Outside of that, the only other drug you will need on cycle is adex to control estrogen. I would suggest about .5mg 3x wk and see how you respond. If you need more, you can go to EOD. If you find that you are staying too dry, you can reduce the dose to 2x wk. 

    Remember to run a good PCT, 2 wks after your last injection. I am going to show you how I'd run this cycle :

    wk 1-14

    HCG 250iu 2x wk, stopping 3 days before PCT

    adex (as outlined above)


    test 500mg


    deca 300-400mg


    wk 15

    Nolvadex 40mg ED

    wk 16-17

    Nolvadex 20mg ED


    best of luck with your cycle. best of luck on your cycle. thanks for coming to the Q/A