test e 250 tbol and masteron second cycle

  • anonymous269
    test e 250 tbol and masteron second cycle
    on: 2013-11-19 17:57:35
    Hello I'm 27 years old with 20% body fat and I'm looking to get leaner with some muscle gain this will be my second cycle 1 to 10 w. Test e 500 w. 250 twice a w.1 to 4 w. tbol ed 5 to 10 w masteron 400 w. 200 twice a w.1 to 10 w hcg 1000 w 500 twice a w.1 to 12 w arimidex 1 mg w 0.5 mg twice a wPct 1 to 4 w clomid 50 mg ed per w.1to 4 w nolva 40 mg ed per w.5 to 6 w nolva 20 mg per w. As a reminderNote: 1st cycle I ren 1 to 8 w. Test 250 . Tks for ur time any feedback and sugestions are very very welcome
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: test e 250 tbol and masteron second cycle
    on: 2013-11-22 04:27:24

    The cycle looks great. I dont see your dose for tbol. I would use 50mg. I can see you've put some time into researching what you want to do. I dont see any issues with it. Personally, I would lower the dose of HCG to 250iu 2x wk and run it up to 3 days before you start PCT. But outside of that, lets back up for a min and talk diet. 20% is pretty high. I would suggest you start dieting before you start the cycle and shoot for at least a 5% loss in BF. Take your time and figure out what you need to do to lose fat without crashing the weight off. Dont make huge, dramatic cuts in your cals. I'd start simply by cleaning up your sources of food. Remove simple carbs and processed foods and reduce shakes to one post workout. Take out dairy and wheat. Rely on fresh meats and eggs for protein. Use oats, sweet potato and brown rice for your carbs. This, in itself will probably help you reduce fat. Start your cardio at 30 min on the treadmill, walking on an incline of 3, with a heart rate around 120-130bpm. These changes alone will probably help, considering how high your BF currently is. As you progress and begin to remove carbs and fat, you shouldn't have a problem holding on to muscle for some time. It gets harder to hold muscle as you creep up on single digit BF%. THrough this period, you may want to use clen to help with the fat loss. I would start with 40mcg and every 2 wks, add 20mcg. You can keep running the clen through your cycle, adding 20 more mcg every two wks. Once you hit 150mcg, stop there and continue on at that dose. Over time, the clen will become a little less effective, but you will not become totally desensitized. I would use clen for a total of 16 wks and no longer. So if you planned to do this precycle diet for 6 wks and then started your cycle, you could run the clen through the whole thing.

    The reason I suggest this, is at 20%, you aren't going to be able to reach a very lean look in 10 wks. Steroids don't burn fat to any major degree. They will mainly help you to hold onto muscle while you diet, when the cals get very low and they will help you look hard. If you BF% is too high, you will have too much fat covering your muscle to see any seperation or hardness that the steroids will help you acheive. After you get yourself lean, don't ever let yourself get higher than 12% in your off season/bulking. Anything more is just too much work and too long of a diet to get a ripped physique. That means you'll need to think more about what you're doing for your diet in the off season. Someone once told me, if you want to be good in this sport, you have to treat your off season with the same effort that you give to your contest (or cutting) diet.