Recommended HGH/Steroid/Etc Cycle To Reverse Atrophy/Promote Rapid Healing In Conjunction With Prolotherapy

  • Injuredbutnotbroken
    Recommended HGH/Steroid/Etc Cycle To Reverse Atrophy/Promote Rapid Healing In Conjunction With Prolotherapy
    on: 2013-11-29 16:11:44
    First off, I feel blessed to have found a place to be able to ask questions, which I feel are so pertinent to people like myself who have fallen between the cracks of a healthcare system regulated by selfish corporate ideals; which doesn’t really care about the amazing possibilities of modern science. That said...I’m a 33 year old male (6' : 140lbs) who for over a decade has been suffering from soft tissue injuries (tendons [tendonosis/tears], ligaments [Laxity/tears]) in addition to muscle atrophy due to the injured sites not being able to be worked out to a normal functioning degree. Most of these injuries occurred through overuse and accidents. The oldest dates back to ’98 and the most recent within 2 years.After trying every type of natural supplementation and therapy, I was forced to move back with my folks (even though I own my own business and house, because of my declining health, mostly due to pain and malnutrition from trying so many alternative diets which did nothing, but depleted my health; and waste my money energy and time. I’ve since gone back to the fundamental basics and have a solid diet and natural vitamin supplementation nailed down. This is slowly helping.Recently I began phototherapy treatments (PRP, Ozone, Dextrose, etc) directly into the injured sites (shoulder, lower back, abdomen, hip, knee). And in an off the record conversation with one doc, he mention HGH and steroids might really help; but were you know…Being in this “back against the wall” position I decided to explore therapies using HGH and steroids, especially since sports figures seem to have so much success with these “alternative” methods for healing serious injuries.My goal is just to get myself able to work out and become functional without pain, but nothing crazy anymore. Which the doctors are telling me is reasonable with phototherapy and time. That’s the problem, I have given myself a solid year to do nothing but focus on my health and I feel this could be the last piece of the puzzle which will really start to synergize things for me.My overall inquiry to you is what would you recommend in terms of a program/stack/regimen that will aid in collagen/soft tissue regeneration and help reverse muscle atrophy in order to maintain stronger muscle structures surrounding injured sites? I wouldn’t mind packing some muscle onto my frame, but my primary concern is to strengthen my body and focus on repair. Aesthetics are secondary for the time being. Still at my height 20-30lbs would be a welcome addition as long as it’s in the right place.Recommended Products?Doses/Frequency?PCT?Etc.All my blood work is within the range of normal, and for the most part I am a healthy individual with good habits except that these lingering injuries that just won’t heal.Just want reduce my pain and get back to living.Thank you,ctPS: I have trouble swallowing pills so if any are recommended can they be small?Have no issue with injecting myself as I have done a series of b-12 injections myself without flinching. In fact I prefer injections because I am looking for a more aggressive type of therapy results.PPS: Would be nice if the recommendations could be easily found (i.e. Naps)
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    Re: Recommended HGH/Steroid/Etc Cycle To Reverse Atrophy/Promote Rapid Healing In Conjunction With Prolotherapy
    on: 2013-12-03 16:01:15

    Hey Bro, It sounds like you have had quite a ride. Sorry to hear about your poor luck. I'm no stranger to being limited by an injury. It sounds like what you have experienced has been more intense than what I'm talking about, but my point is, I can relate. It's very frustating. I have a few ideas that will hopefully make some positive changes in your life. Before I get into talking about gear, lets talk about protein. How well steroids work will be limited by your diet. I'd suggest you try to eat an anti inflament based diet, staying away from red meats. Things like white fish, turkey, omega 3 eggs and chicken will be ideal. You should also invest in a high quality whey isolate. Learning to eat big is a challenge, but with time, I am certain you can eat larger portions of protein on a regular basis. Focus on eating 3 protein based meals a day and 2 shakes(25-35g protein each). I'd like to see you work towards getting at least 200g of protein a day. See how that works for you over several months and if you are doing well with it, add more. Keep your carbs clean, like oats, sweet potatos, brown rice and quina. Also focus on green veggie and use a sugar free fiber supp once a day. If you aren't using fish oil, that in itself may make a difference. It is a great anti inflamant. When my joints are hurting in contest prep, I can feel the difference within a few days of having upped my fish oil intake. 4-5g a day. If you have a hard time with the caps, they make liquid fish oil. That might sound gross, but there are some lemon flavor fish oils that taste just fine. Ok, you may understand some of those things, but it's important that I address nutrition, so you can get the most out of your therapy.

    Lets start with GH. For your purposes, 2-3iu, taken every, day would be enough to help with repair of soft tissue. I would use the highest quality GH you can afford. Naps carries Hyge, which is one of the best (if not the best) on the market, outside of pharm grade. Even then, I would say its close. The effect will be slow and consistent, over months. I would plan to run it for as long as you can. It isn't like steroids, where it needs to be cycled off. At the least, I would shoot for 6 months. If you can go for a year, or longer, that is the route I would go. I would start with 2iu, takem IM with an insulin pin, first thing in the morning. If cost is an issue, you can take it 5 days on, 2 off, or 6 days on, 1 day off. I do want to warn you though, although GH will help to heal soft tissue, it can also cause joint and tendon pain. Over time, this goes away, but it can be unpleasant. If you find that this is a problem, back the dose down a little and see if it subsides. Then move back up, as you can tolerate it, At 2-3 iu, this shouldn't be a huge concern, but I do want to mention it because it is possible. I get more issues like this when I use cheaper blue tops. Its kind of an arthritic feeling, that I get in my knees, elbows and wrists.

    With steroids, there are a couple of things to consider. Test actually has a negative effect on collagen. It can make soft tissue weaker over time, but if you are going to run anabolics over a longer period, it's going to keep your body functioning, like a normal male. Without it, you can suffer the effects of low test over a longer cycle, due to the other steroids shutting you down but not functioning the same for your sex hormone needs. ED, low sex drive, depression are a few of the effects you want to avoid. You can keep the dose of test low, just an HRT dose and it will help to add muscle mass. I'd combine it with a little deca, which will dramatically increase collagen production. 300mg will be plenty. During this time, I would also suggest you use HCG at 250iu 2x wk, to keep you from getting shut down. When the cycle is complete, you will want to run PCT. 2 wks after your last shot, begin nolva at 40mg for one wk and then 2 more wks of 20mg ED. After your last shot of gear, continue to run HCG up to 3 days before PCT begins

    1-16 TEST CYP 250-300MG

    ADEX .1/2MG 1-2X

    WK 1-14 DECA 250MG

    wk 18


    wk 19-20


    As for brands, I personally use human grade or Geneza pharm. Both are top notch. For Growth, Hyge's are best.