what is clear sludge in cypionate bottle

  • keith
    what is clear sludge in cypionate bottle
    on: 2013-05-21 20:28:27
    I order 7 bottles of cypionate C250 manufactured by biomex labs exp date 06.2014 there is a lot of clear sludge stuck on the inside of glass bottle. what is the sludge? Is it any good?
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: what is clear sludge in cypionate bottle
    on: 2013-05-22 03:24:03

    what you're expereincing is a very common occurrence with test cyp and there is an easy fix. test cyp is just about the least stable hormone and when the MG is high or if it were stored in a very cool place, it can easily "crash". what you are seeing is the hormone seperating from the oil. if it gets worse, it will actually turn into crystals. this is the reason that you see pharm grade sticks to 200mg/ml. as the mg's get higher, like in the case of biomex's 250, there is a chance that this can happen.


    heres what you can do to bring it back. first, heat up a pot of water. bring it to a boil. place your vial into a vip lock bag, and lower it into the water. after a min, remove the bag from the water, and shake the vial vigorously for 10-20 sec. then replace into the water for anohter min. repeat this process until your gear has reconstituted. it's taken me around 10 minutes. it may not crash again, or over time, you may need to heat it up again. just keep your eye on the vials, especially on the vial you're using and if it starts to slip out again, you'll know what to do. its up to you if you want to do them all at once or just do a couple and then do a couple again later. it wont hurt the product to sit as it is. even with the highest quality UGLs, i've seen this happen. UGLs tend to over dose their gear in order to compete with other labs that are all doing the same thing. i wouldn't be shocked if your test 250 is more like 270mg/ml.