Best way to do my pep's

  • DCT
    Best way to do my pep's
    on: 2013-12-01 20:08:15
    Hey Bro..thanks again for all the advice..Im leaving the GH out and going to do IGF-LR3 and what ya told me and others so Im thinkin 250mcgs GHRP-6 and 25mcgs IGF-LR3 PW and and other 250mcgs GHRP-6 before bed..some shit tells me to take the GHRP more times a day but its usually just some dud on a forum..Id say you got a bit more knowledge to say the least so just lemme knw if I got it down pat..Thanks in advance
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Best way to do my pep's
    on: 2013-12-04 03:44:00

    If you are only going to use GHRP without GH, then yes, I would take it first thing in the moring when you wake up, and right before bed. If you want to take a 3rd shot, I'd take it right after you train along with the IGF LR3.