Real Anavar

  • anonymous353
    Real Anavar
    on: 2013-12-11 12:51:50
    I keep reading and hearing that back in the days when anavar was legit that each tablet was 2.5mg and someone would take 5-10 mg to see results.Nowadays each tablet comes in 10 mg and guys suggest 50-100mg a day to see results.I mean its kinda weird.Whats your take on this?Also is gp anavar legit?If yes how many tablets do you suggest for a guy that uses anavar first time?
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Real Anavar
    on: 2013-12-15 11:52:25

    This is just the evolution of gear use. Back in the day, guys may have used 10-15 mg dbol ED, and that was their whole cycle. I used 15 to 20mg of dbol only on my first cycle and I gained 20 lbs. Back in the early 80's, guys where doing test cycles that consisted of 200mg every wk or even 2 wks. This have just progressed. In some ways, today is better because we have more science to back up how we use. In other ways, it's worse, because a newbie can get online and pick up some really bad idea's quickly. I've had new users tell me that they think they are supposed to run 1g of test for a first cycle! 50mg of dbol on top of that! In general, people rely more on the drugs than ever, today. 

    Geneza anavar is good. I have seen it work for a number of people, including girls. If you have a good source and a good lab, you can find real anavar. There is a lot of it out there. Sadly, people do like to fake it, since there is a high profit to be made in selling fake var. Same with primo. Your best bet is to stick with a lab you have seen good results from. If you have used geneza's test, deca, dbol, prop, tren, ect, like I have, and have always seen the results you'd expect from gear at that dose, you can rest more assured that you'll be in good hands on other products too. 

    For an anavar cycle, I am going to suggest 40-50mg, split into 2 daily doses. I would use test as your base. Even if you dont want to run a lot of test, I'd at least use 250mg EW, more if thats what you are used to doing. I dont know your history.






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