2nd cycle

  • Rulmester
    2nd cycle
    on: 2013-12-16 21:43:39
    Hello brother, i'm going to use this combination in my second cycle SUS 250 + EQ 300 EW Weeks 1-10DBOL 40mg ED Weeks 1-4TREN E 150 mg EW Weeks 5-9WINS 50 EOD Weeks 9-12+ ADEX 0,5 E3D + 500 HCG E5D + a complete post cycle with clomid and nolvadexWhat do you think about dosage and the type of steroids?Thanks from Spain
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: 2nd cycle
    on: 2013-12-17 14:48:40

    I think that for a 2nd cycle, this is a lot of different compounds. I would cut this down a little. As you cycle, you are going to add more mg's over time and more compounds, to reach the same effect. As you get bigger, it'll get tougher to make gains. So if you are using 5 different steroids now, where are you going to be on cycle 5? The goal should be to use what it takes to make good gains without over kill. As I have said before, if you had a headache, it isn't going to help more to take advil, asprin and tylenol. It's going to lead to more stress on your body without much added benefit. 

    Why don't you think about cutting out one of the orals. If you are trying to cut, the dbol isn't going to do much for your goal. If your goal is mainly to add mass, the winstrol isnt going to be very helpful. I would cut one of them out. Also, I would cut the tren for cyle 2. From there, I would consider upping to doses of the compounds you are using. 300mg of EQ is pretty low. I wouldn't consider it to be super effective at that dose. I would move that up to 400mg-500mg. I would also consider upping the test to 375 to 500mg.