• ray
    on: 2013-06-03 02:33:19
    just got some helios but does not say how to take it.what are the c.c.s and e.d.or eod. shots.
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: helios
    on: 2013-06-04 21:24:16

    if you're using GP helios, it is 40mcg of clen plus yohimbine hcl per 1cc. i would start with .5cc and see how it effects you and go up to 1cc ED as long as you are comfortable with side effects. these injections are done sub-q into the fat that you want to target, most often in the midsection and the love handles. i would try a 1cc insulin pin with a 28g needle. and move the injections around a little. i have heard some guys complain of helios leaving temerary pits in the area that it is injected, so dont just keep placing the helios in the exact same spots.