• Paul87
    on: 2014-01-05 12:13:52
    Hello! Thanks for previous answer.I want run andromix cycle 1cc ed.So I have question about lowering prolactin if Il use caber2x 0,5 mg would it be ok.? And if prolactin lowered too much it ok or I can get sides ? Because when I used too much AI I had sides of too low estrogen .....I don't want same with prolactin....Can I use for Pct nolvadex 40/20/20 with 2x 0,25 caber for 1 month ?
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Cabaser
    on: 2014-01-08 04:13:23

    Caber is a dopamine antagonist. It won't directly block prolactin from forming but it will bind to make exhibit less of an effect. I would still use adex with caber, dosed as you normally would for such a cycle. Once you go into PCT, you will not need the caber. While on cycle, .5mg 2x wk should be plenty. I have heard of guys going to 3x