Accutane and Acne

  • anonymous713
    Accutane and Acne
    on: 2014-01-23 15:30:46
    Hi, I wanted to know if I could use Accutane while I am cycling on steriods? I am prone to acne and had it when I was a teenager. I can't seem to get rid of it by bathing twice a day or tanning. Also, how long can it take for my hormones to level out? Think that might have something to do with my acne.Thanks
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Accutane and Acne
    on: 2014-01-25 05:07:46

    Hormones are a major cause for acne. I find that on cycle, the further I split my gear up, EOD or ED, the less likely I am to break out. Off cycle, I would give it a couple of months. I find that clomid can actually make matters worse, but I don't have the same issue with nolvadex. When bathing, I would suggest the standard yellow bar of Dial anti bacterial soap. I've had good luck with it and have seen major turn around with a number of guys that I've helped. Also, be sure to change your sheets and pillow case regularly. I would go as far as to say change sheets every 3 days. For my pillow, I use one side of the pillow one night, flip it the next night, then change the pillow case on the third day. 

    Accntane is a great drug. Its the only thing that can actually cure acne. If you look back in the questions, I've talked about this here before and if you look back into the questions, you might pick up some more info that I may have left out there. The answer is yes, you can use accutane while on cycle, but I would stay away from orals. You may have issues getting a dr to give you a script, while on, if you are going the legal route though. They will want to do regular lab work, I believe every month, and when on cycle, your blood work may not all be in the normal ranges. This is normal for being on steroids, and will go back when you come off. If you don't talk to your derm about using gear, he is going to wonder why your blood work looks like it does. If you do talk to him, he might not be willing to give you the script. It is a harsh drug and I would suggest you get labs done while you are on it.