terrible pip, clen off time question

  • zerchersquat400
    terrible pip, clen off time question
    on: 2014-01-23 18:27:33
    Hi, I am currently running Tren Ace and Test Prop 1.25cc each EOD inj. This is the first time I've used these compounds.Am also taking half a tab adex 2x/ wk., as well as 500 iu hcg per wweek.In addition to clen. This isn't my first go around with AAS.In the past I have use test cyp,enanthate, sten, sostenon, deca, and eq., but never any orals. (Which I plan on doing next time) I'm 44 so I plan on bridging cycles. The problem is I am getting severe pip after injection the mix of prop and tren. Even at 1 cc each it was the same. It hurts for 3-4 days and feels like a big knot in my glute hip region.I even tried warming up the liquid and that didn't help. I'VE NEVER had pip even remotely close to this with any other substance. Is it the frequency of the injections, the compounds or both? I have about 5 wk of this cycle left. If it becomes unbearable can I switch back to test cyp/tren? Or just drop the tren too. And go with just cyp? I'm trying to shed fat for an upcoming vacation and know these compounds will help (my diet is in check as is cardio) one more thing...When I am off clen for 2 wk, as I don't lave ketotifen, can I use Cafff, eph, aspirin stack or will that affect the same receptors that I'm trying to clean out? I've read conflicting ideas on this. Thank you very much for your time and help!!
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: terrible pip, clen off time question
    on: 2014-01-27 02:22:04

    Unfortunately,  the pain you've described is very common with prop and, IME, to a lesser extent, tren. After awhile, the muscle does get used to it, but even then, you may find that prop is more painful than long acting test. Prop is a short, crude ester. Often times, the ester breaks down quicker than the hormone can be released into your blood, leaving tiny hormone crystals in the muscle to slowly break down. This is what most commonly causes pain. If you want to use prop in the future and avoid the pain, the issue may be reduced by injecting it with some EQ, or other long acting, less painful gear. For now, you can inject your gear along with sterile oil to cut the pain, if you like. If you want to swap your test to a longer ester, that is fine too. Cyp and tren would work just fine together and long acting test is just as good for cutting. I usually use long acting test on my contest cycles for a few reasons, mainly because it's more mg/ml. The only adjustment I make in prep, is that I add more AI to control fluid and estrogen. 

    For any new users reading this, I'd like you to make note of what he is dealing with. Once in a while, I get a brand new user telling me they want to run prop, usually to avoid "bloat". Don't under estimate the pain that can come from a shot of prop. Hell, don't under estimate the pain that can go along with injecting any steroid into virgin muscle. Even a guy like this, who has done some cycles in the past, is still having some issues with prop. So FYI, for any new guys, stick with your cyp or test e for your first cycle. You'll be glad you did!


    Ok, back on track here. For clen, I don't believe in 2 wk on, 2 off cycles. I learned from one of the top gurus in the industry that you can run it for a long time and still get a good effect from it. I usually use it for 16 wks at a time, starting with 40mcg and adding 20 mcg every 2 wks and eventually holding at 120mcg, if you run it that long. The key to remember is, the side effects are not the effects. Just because you don't "feel" it after awhile, doesn't mean it isn't working. Fat burning isnt something you "feel" anyway. After awhile, it will down regulate a little, and not be quite as effective, but it will still do the job very well. I have gotten super lean using clen in this fashion.