• Tom
    on: 2013-06-09 00:21:49
    hey Sir , I need some help From you if possible plz , my question is very important to me and Hope I Can hear From you soon :

    GP Methan 10 , I heard that U guys use it as a bridge between Cycles(10 mg / day ) ... My question is when do U guys start taking it ?? right after the last shot of the TEST or 2 weeks after the last shot when doing PCT ? and how long do u guys do this for until jumping to a new Cycle .. I wish U Can explain to me this , thank you
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Q
    on: 2013-06-13 05:07:35

    when it comes to cycling, you're either on gear or you're not. will you be able to recover to a degree while using a low dose of dbol only between cycles? its possible, but i certainly would not count on it. this idea has been based around internet chatter and as far as i know, it isn't grounded by any research. i just keep things real simple. if you're taking gear, you're still on cycle. if you're not taking any gear, you're off. that way, there is no gray area. remember, there is no free lunch. 


    if you're young, say under 35 and or have little expereince with AAS, say less than 5 years, i would suggest you just come off and take the time to recover. let your body return to normal function. bridging or cruising is only going to put off that day that will eventually come for everyone. at some point, we all need to come off. even coming off and completing a solid PCT doesn't guarantee that you are going to recover 100%, so i wouldnt push your luck any further. a couple months after PCT, go to your MD and get your labs done. see where your test levels are and if you have recovered, then go back on and hit it hard. your body will once again be super sensitive to gear and your gains will be dramatic.


    if you want to stay full and retain as much muscle as possible between cycle, look into IGF 1 LR3. if you can get your hands on the real stuff, you'll be so pumped and full, you'll think you still were on gear but it doesnt effect the HPTA the way gear will, so your body can keep recovering and building your natural test back up. after you come off gear, your RBC will still be high for 6 plus wks, which will keep you feeling pumped and strong, so i would suggest running your IGF around wk 3 of your PCT. if you keep the dose lower, say around 25mcg IM preworkout on training days, you can use it for longer than if you use 50 plus mg as some guys talk about on the boards. i have seen continued effect at 25mcg past 8 wks. so if you get yourself 1mg, you will have enough to run for awhile. just keep in mind that there is a lot of garbage floating around out there. if there is a cheap price that looks too good to be true, theres a good chance it is. i havent used the igf that naps carries, but i'm sure that it is good. they keep their eyes on the quality of what they sell. no question in my mind that the igf he supplies by hyge, is probably some of the best igf on the market. hyge only makes top class products.