• drudiesel
    on: 2013-06-12 04:44:58
    Hi All, well I'm a 32/m, 5'11" and just about 215. I've been an athlete all my life and been training in the gym consistently since 14 yrs old. I have taken other pro hormone supps before like andro, norteston, testerol and others which were just found at GNC or Vitamin World. However at my age I have thought to try a cycle for the fist time. I know a bunch about anabolics but I need some other people's expert advice. What I'm looking to try and do is trim down to at least 200. I surely can do this natural but I want to still keep up my strength and muscle already gained by training how I do. Now so what kind would be good in helping assist me to reach my goal especially for a first timer? And wheres the best place to purchase and get quality gear? Thanks to you all and "DREAM BIG"
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: First
    on: 2013-06-13 01:03:56

    IMO, cutting isnt the ideal time to run a first cycle, as the main effect of steriods in BB is to build new muscle tissue. in order to do that, you need to eat enough food to make gains. for a guy your size and with the experience you've mentioned, i wouldnt be shocked to see you keep 10-15 lbs after your first cycle, if the main goal was to add mass. if you put yourself in a calorie deficit, i think your results may not be as good. 


    personally, i never let myself get overly fat, even in the depths of my off season. i try to add muscle while staying fairly lean and when it comes time to diet down, i never need to cut too dramatically, until the very end. i believe that you can gain new muscle while cutting fat if you keep enough clean food going into your system. personally, i would throw out the scale and go by the mirror and progress pics. many times, when i get in the grove of my diet, i get leaner each week but the scale stays the same due to new muscle i've developed. 


    i beleive that test should be the base of every cycle. you can use an AI to control estrogen and water retention when your goal is to cut or use less AI in the off season and use the added water to help develop more keepable gains. 


    wk 1-12

    test e or cyp between 250-500mg EW

    aromasin 12.5mg ED OR adex .25mg EOD to .5mg EOD, depending on estrogen levels


    wk 1-8

    anavar 50mg ED


    as for sources, you've already found the right place. i am currently using geneza pharm from the naps site. GP has always been good quality gear and delivered the gains i've expected.