Dbol vs anapolin

  • awwgood
    Dbol vs anapolin
    on: 2013-06-13 04:47:55
    Whats better dbol or anapolin?
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Dbol vs anapolin
    on: 2013-06-14 05:44:15

    this is a simple but interesting question. which is better, dbol or anadrol? the answer would depend on a lot of factors. i'm going to stay away from power lifting purposes and focus on their use in the sport of bodybuilding. i would place both drugs in the catagory of being used as a "kick start" to get a cycle moving quickly while you wait for longer acting injectables to kick in, IE your test and if you're more advanced, whatever other injectable anabolic you're using. on their own, they are not going to be an ideal cycle. 


    both compounds have a pretty high level of side effects but i feel that dbol is probably more easy to manage of the two. your main concern with dbol is going to be estrogen which can lead to high amounts of fluid retention causing high BP and back pumps. another very common side effect due to estrogen is gyno. this is something you want to be very careful of. once you have it, you have it and although you can take a pill (AI) to control estrogen, there is no pill to get rid of gyno, once its formed. the only answer to truely get rid of a lump, is to go under the knife and get the gland cut out. watching your body closely and keeping the right anti e's on hand, plus using an AI can make all of these things easy to control. a new user can grow very well off of 25mg ED for the first 6 wks of a longer injectable test cycle. strength is great. sense of well being seems to improve for me. gains come hard and fast. by the middle of wk 2, i can tell the Dbol is in my system. 


    anadrol is dosed higher. a first time user should go with about 50mg ED for 4 wks. all 17aa based oral steriods can tax the liver, but anadrol seems to be one of the more extreme examples. i once ran it at 100mg and after 4 wks, i began feeling pain in my liver. i went in for labs and my results were through the roof. its common practice to use liver protection such as milk thistle 1000mg ED and or liv 52 while using orals, but they are only going to help. they will not "fix" anything. because of the effect on your liver, it can be harder to eat on anadrol. another common side effect is headache. i've expereinced both of these, even when my BP was in check. now days, if i used anadrol, i would use it for only a few wks at a time, but honestly, i dont feel i have much of a need for it. i believe the water gain is a little higher on drol vs dbol and i believe that strength is higher. dramatically increased stength can also be a drawback though. anadrol is a common steroid to be using while tearing a muscle. you need to watch yourself closely and not just lift the heaviest weight your body will allow, just because you can. 


    IMO, dbol is a better overall drug for bodybuilding. i feel its a little safer, the dose can be kept lower, so its a little cheaper, and the results of my labs show me that i can run it a little longer. if you are new to gear and looking for an oral kick start to a longer test e cycle, i would go with dbol. if you've run several cycles that have included dbol and want to try something different, give drol a try.