Dry 15lbs possible?

  • anonymous996
    Dry 15lbs possible?
    on: 2014-02-01 07:35:28
    Stats:27yr old, 180lbs,9%bf,lift 5-6 per week, Clean diet est:3000+ cal220gm Protien300gm Carbs75gm FatsLooking to do my first cycle1-9 400mg test prop (I know its a lot of sticking but its in my system in 3-4 days but ur option matters what do you think?)1-9 60mg Var1-11 anastrozole .5 per day (is that to much? should I do it every other day?)PCT3 days after last injection start taking 100mg of clomid for a week then drop it down to 50 for 3 weeks? does this seem to be a good PCT?i was also looking at the Pre-Made PCT Basic stack.Layout: Weeks 1-4- 40 mg GP Nolva per day Weeks 1-4 100mg GP Clomiphene per day Weeks 1-5 1mg GP Anastrozole per day Week 1- 4,500 iu HCG Week 2- 3,000 iu HCG Week 3- 1,500 iu HCGOr do you think this is to much for the cycle i am trying to run?Im looking to gain 15bs dry. does this look possible with this cycle or should i throw some Bold 200 in there or even Mast 100? Thanks for you help.
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Dry 15lbs possible?
    on: 2014-02-03 22:51:55

    For a first cycle, I would suggest test cyp or test e, at 350-500mg EW. If you like, you can use a kick start with that cycle. If you want it to be "dry", look into anavar or tbol but you probably won't make as big of gains as you would using dbol. You can use adex to control estrogen on cycle but if you keep yourself too dry, you will effect your gains. If you would like to add HCG, I would use it on cycle at 250iu 2x wk, through the cycle and stop about 3-4 days before PCT. 

    If you look through the recent questions here, you';ll find one where a guy was having issues using prop. I can't explain to you how much the pain can effect you. This guy was already used to injections. Any steroid can hurt but prop can hurt badly. If you can't move your leg, you can't train them. If you are doing prop, you have to inject EOD or ED. It may be in your system for 3-4 days, but in order to get good, stable, supraphysiological levels of T in your body, you have to use it ED to EOD. Since you only want to hit each site, once a wk, this means you have to be skilled at injecting a number of different sites. This means that the pain may keep you from lifting one shoulder. Then the other shoulder. Then your quad, ect. The pain may last a wk or more, espeically if you aren't used to the injections. So wk 2, you are injecting into already painful sites. Now you are really fucked. This may not happen, but there is a very real chance that it will. Don't be afraid of a little fluid retention. It's part of what is making you gain muscle. After you have a couple of cycles under your belt, consider going to prop and seeing how you do. But for now, keep this as simple as you can and you will do great. 

    Adding more gear isn't going to get you to gain more muscle. Your body will only grow at it's own pace. You'll make great gains in your first cycles, as long as you're eating enough. Instead of thinking about adding in more drugs, focus on what you can do with your diet. Diet will be 100x more important than adding more drugs. No matter how dialed in the diet is, we can always do better. There is always more to learn about food and how your body uses it. I would try to add more carbs and see how you respond. Keep pushing the food up and see how much you can handle.