lean bulking blitz

  • jsanders
    lean bulking blitz
    on: 2014-02-04 23:56:45
    What do you think about the pre design stack that geneza and naps have its the 12 week lean bulking blitz. Im adding anadrol 50mg for a kick start
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: lean bulking blitz
    on: 2014-02-07 01:18:08

    Ok, I took a look at the "Lean Bulking Blitz". For anyone else, following along, this is the cycle :

    Cycle Length: 12 weeks

    Cycle Layout:
    Weeks 1-12 GP Sust 270mg every other day
    Weeks 1-10 GP Tren Enanth200 every other day 
    Weeks 6-12 30mg GP Oxan /30mg GP Stan10 every day
    Weeks 14-18 50mg GP Clomiphene every day


    This cycle looks good to me as it is. I can speak from personal experience that the Geneza Sust 270 is great. It happens to be my favorite test right now. I was very happy with it for the contest I did in late 2013. GP var and winstrol are both very solid too. Can't speak on the tren e, but I haven't known GP to put out a bad product. I don't know how I feel about the var/win combo, but hey, I don't know everything, and I imagine it'll give you some good results. In fact, I might like the theory of using var, in order to use less winstrol. Winstrol can be wicked on lipids, so I'm sure that taking a little less in favor of var, will be a little easier on your body. I will say, there is no way that you need to add drol, for any of this cycle. You already have 2 different orals for the 2nd half. I'd just go with what has been laid out and follow their plan. Drol is rough on the liver and I would want my enzymes to be in an acceptable range when I added the 2 orals in at wk 6