adding Tren Enanthate

  • anonymous358
    adding Tren Enanthate
    on: 2014-02-07 18:31:10
    I am currently running test and deca and I am about to stop the deca. I was looking at replacing it with tren enanthate and run it until a powerlifting competition. By the time I order it and receive it, I will have 6 weeks till the meet is it worth it or should I wait?
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: adding Tren Enanthate
    on: 2014-02-10 00:59:01

    If you have 6 wks and want to use tren, I would use ace. The ace ester will work fast, within 2 wks. If you aren't using an oral and want to kick things up a notch further, add in some halo at 20mg ED taken about an hour preworkout, for the last 3 wks. Save enough to take 30mg, the day of the meet, 10mg, first thing in the morning, and 20mg less than 2 hours before you lift. Halo is wicked for strength and it is the only thing that ever has given me sense of intense aggression. Thankfully, I've always been able to direct my rage at the weights.