Beginners cut cycle

  • Codak
    Beginners cut cycle
    on: 2014-02-11 07:32:03
    Pre designed stack/Beginners cut cycle. This is going to be my first cycle, and was wondering if you think it is a good 1st? Is there anything I should do other than what it says. Less, more, add on etc..
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Beginners cut cycle
    on: 2014-02-12 21:30:13

    Its a good cycle and wouid be fine for someone who is getting ready to cut on gear for the first time. I would not suggest it to a first time user for a couple of reasons though. First, you are quickly going to find, that even with the smoothest of gear, an oil based steroid injection can be painful until your muscle gets used to accepting the oil. Test cyp or Test E are considered to be much more mild, when it comes to pain, and for you, they may even be very painful at first. By comparison, prop can be crippling to someone who has never injected steroids. Next, you'd have to take a prop injection EOD, meaning that you will have to be skilled at injecting multiple sites, such as quads, glutes and delts. You are more likely to run into problems, if you have to inject into a muscle that is still sore and inflamed from the previous wk's injection in that spot. Test E or cyp, on the other hand, can be injected only 2x wk. You can get a similar effect by using one of them coupled with adex, at .5mg EOD. You can still use the winstrol at the end. The only thing I would change is using Test E or Cyp, 350mg to 500mg EW. Be sure to order your PCT meds as well and begin PCT about 2 wks after your last injection. 

    Now that we talked gear, lets back up a little and talk about intent. For the most part, a first cycle may give you the chance to put on more muscle than any future cycle. Your body is totally fresh and not used to what steroids will do. In order to "cut", you have to be in a cal deficit. This deficit will limit your ability to add new muscle. I would most often suggest that a first timer use their first cycle as a tool to gain mass. You don't need to go wild and eat everything in sight, piling on junk food, ect, but if you eat enough of the right clean foods, you can make some tremendous gains in your first cycle and not get too fat in the process. It's up to you, what you want to do, but I would rather add as much size as I could and then do a cut later, when I have more muscle to work with. How you do it, is going to come down less to which drugs you use, and more so, how you eat.