Women-Var & Winny cycle

  • anonymous104
    Women-Var & Winny cycle
    on: 2014-02-14 03:21:07
    I'm hoping you could help me out with configuring a successful stack. Everything I have researched indicates that Var and Winny are the "safer" ones for women to run. Would I stack them or run Var 6-8 weeks, then run Winny? I have done a cycle of Var with great success in the past. Also, did a short cycle of Drol, great gains, but too much water retention. I have Clen & T3, but want to lean out a little more before I run that again. I'm 5'6", 178lbs, clean diet, 5-6 heavy training days a week, 2-3 20-30min cardio sessions following my training. Looking a lean out 5-8lbs more and prep for a physique show. Any advice would be much appreciated! Thank you in advance.
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Women-Var & Winny cycle
    on: 2014-02-16 03:53:56

    Anavar is probably the best steroid for females. Next, I would suggest primo. I have seen winstrol cause side effects quickly. Without much notice, it can effect your vocal cords. Some women have luck. Others don't. Each girl seems to have a different level of tolerance to AAS. While one girl grows chin hair on 5mg anavar, another takes 20mg and has no problem. The main thing I would say is, take it slow and always start low with a compound, especially if it is new to you. If you want to try something new this time around, I would consider a cycle of primo, for about 8-10 wks. I'd start with 1x 50mg shot her wk. If you are doing ok with that after several wks, up it to 2x 50mg shots per wk, for a total of 100mg EW. Keep in mind that primo e is a long ester and will take time to build up. It isn't lke taking anavar, that is in and out of your system fast. It will take a few wks to really start working and it'll take a few wks to stop working. So don't go up on the dose too quickly. I will note, if you have used anavar with great success in the past, why fix something that isn't broken. If you know the dosing you can handle, you can more quickly get on a cycle of var and take off, vs having to wait and see how primo will effect you. Either way, I'm sure your gains will be good as long as your diet and training are in order. Just food for thought. 

    Another option, which could be stacked with either primo or anavar, is HGH,. GH is great for females because there isn't the same risks of virilization. Between 1-2iu per day, either 5 days on, 2 off, or 7 days a wk, if you can afford it, taken long term. I would use gh as long as you can. If you can start now and go through the rest of your off season, into diet prep, all the way to the show, that would be ideal. It isn't super costly, when you are only using 1-2iu a day. It will help with fat loss and fullness. It will help create an optimal environment for muscle growth. I would suggest using the best GH you can afford. This is often a case of, you get what you pay for. Of the brands around today, real Hyge's would be my choice, hands down.  

    BTW, I would NEVER use drol again. Some of the harsher drugs out there can cause probelms that you can't undo. If you destroy your natural beauty, you can't get it back