acne free bulking cycles/ tren e side effect help!!! please

  • anonymous379
    acne free bulking cycles/ tren e side effect help!!! please
    on: 2014-02-15 04:00:46
    thank u for everything u have done for us all here in the q & a , a lot of these questions that we all have asked u just cant be answered by simply googleing for an answer u need 1st hand experiance and u have helped us all so much ,at least u have helped me learn at least 10 yrs of no how so far and i really want to thank u for all u have done. my qwestion is i get acne when i cycle i mostly use test e or cyp 500mg/weekly deca 500mgs/weekly and dbol 50mgs/day for 1st 5weeks, i also sometimes drop the deca and use 200mgs tren e for 10 weeks . but i never drop the test at all its the base for all cycles. i noticed i dont get as bad of acne when i use tren e instead of deca , but what are some good compounds i could use together that will keep my acne to a min? also i hope it is not just me but i have used tren e in the passed and i get such a strong sex drive that i go crazy sometimes with my wife and can never finish (reach orgazum) and i dont want to stop ether and the 1 time i force a orgazum i allmost passed out my heart was pounding like crazy , so i would never use more the 200mgs / week i couldnt even imagen how wild and strong my libito would be . i have used 100mgs/week and its the same and not anybetter with less tren , if i use more test with the tren do u think it may help so when me and my wife are together at night i can finish or will it be more androgens and just make this prob worse , my wife and i really need a possible answer to this prob or it will be 10 weeks at a time we dont have sex. i have been thinking of trying 1-test cyp because i read another question and u said its a kinder gentler tren in a way. may be i can get my allsome results like i do with tren e but it not be so strong it affects me in the bedroom ? what do u think? have u had this happen with tren? also i though maybe it was raising my blood preasure but i measured it right away with a digital bp mashine and it was fine was not high at all . so im stumped
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: acne free bulking cycles/ tren e side effect help!!! please
    on: 2014-02-18 03:22:37

    Thanks for the kind words, bro. You can thank Naps for putting this together, and allowing me to have this Q/A. I'm glad that I can be a part of the team and give my advice/talk about my experience. Believe it or not, I'm still always learning too and I'm glad that I have this venue to share my thoughts with everyone in our little corner of the bodybuilding community. 

    As for the tren, what you are experiencing is pretty common. So much so, it has a name. Anorgasmia. I would suggest you look into caber. This drug is a dopamine agonist that will block prolactin. I would suggest taking .5mg, 2x wk. On any cycle, I would keep test in, and I would alos use adex to comtrol estrogen. This combonation should fix your issue, even at higher doses of tren, or if you experience issues while using deca.

    As for 1-test cyp, its a great compond. 1-Test Cyp aka Dihydroboldenone (DHB for short) is a metabolite of EQ, much in the way that DHT is a metabolite of test. Personally, I wouldn't compare DHB to tren. It has a lot more similarities to EQ. It seems to take an extended time to start working strongly, much like EQ. The gains are dry and continue to build up slowly over an extended time just as with EQ. Vascularity is great and the muscle appears full/round, yet dense. I feel that it is drier than EQ, great for contest prep or cutting cycles. It can also work as an alternative to deca or EQ, when bulking, if you get tired of the same ol', same ol'. A good dose to run of DHB, for an athlete that has had a few cycles under his belt, would be about 600mg EW, along with Test, of course. Because it can take 6 or so wks, to take a strong effect, I would run it for at least 15 wks and possibly kick start the cycle with a faster acting drug like a low dose of NPP for wks 1-6 or 8. I have used Geneza's 1Test Cyp a couple of times now. Once, I ran it straight into a contest and look super pealed. BTW, no tren in that cycle.

    Finally, lets talk about acne. I find that for me, tren can be bad for acne. I usually stick with tren ace. When I take it ED, the side effects and acne seem to be far less, than on an EOD protocol. Fluxuating hormones play a big role in acne. You can see proof of this when you come off cycle and start breaking out, AFTER you have stopped using gear. So first, make sure that you are splitting your gear up into smaller doses, especially if you run a fast acting ester. Next, lets talk about reducing bacteria on the skin. Your sebaceous glands go wild on gear, pumping out more pore clogging oils, that sit on your skin, collecting dirt and bacteria. I use dial anti bacterial bar soap in the shower. If I'm starting to break out, I will shower more than once a day. Clean sheets every coiuple days and a new clean pillow case every night...or use one side of the pillow one night, flip it the next, the change it on the 3rd day. Use a fresh towl every day and don't wear clothes more than once before you wash them. These things will help. If your problem is severe, there is always accutane. Accutane is a very harsh drug, and if you can get around using it, I would. If you don't have an option and you are dealing with deep cystic acne, it will be a good option.