GP Turan (Turinabol)

  • Tom
    GP Turan (Turinabol)
    on: 2013-07-03 18:02:48
    hey Sir , First of all , I would like to thank you For answering our questions , we,re appreciate it .

    question plz , GP Turan (Turinabol) , how do I use it as a bridge ? and how many mg a day ? and when do I start taking it ? thanks alot
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: GP Turan (Turinabol)
    on: 2013-07-04 03:47:11

    for guys who are still able to produce their own natural test, i'm not a big fan of the "bridge". the only real benefit is that giving yourself a break from higher doses may be that you allow your body to resensitize itself to higher doses of gear that were no longer producing a strong effect. ideally, at this point, you'd come off, run a solid PCT and wait it out until your next cycle. by running the bridge, you won't give yourself a chance to recover. technically, while on a bridge or a cruise, you are still ON. futher, i've personally found in myself, as well as others that have used OT, that it can be a fairly toxic drug. if you must run a bridge, ideally, you'd used test at around 100mg every 5 to 6 days. if you really are set on using an oral, i would much prefer to go with a low dose of anavar. the point of the bridge is to maintain your gains while you clean out from the higher doses. make sure to keep that in mind through the process. it's so easy to lose sight of this goal and keep upping the dose until you are once again running bodybuilding doses. i would try to walk the fine line of using just enough to keep the majority of your gains and keep you feeling ok. so this being said, i would try to use 20mg of anavar or OT and see how things go from there. especially, if you use a low dose of HCG, around 250iu, 2x wk, i would expect you to slip through. no matter what happens, i would expect you to feel weaker and less pumped. i would expect less aggression and motivation. you aren't going to be able to get around this for a time. hopefully though, you'll eventually pull out of it and continue on until the next cycle. if not, you may need to add another 10mg. 

    if you really dont want to come off and do PCT, another option that i think might help you more in the long run, would be to use nolvadex and HCG. 20mg of nolva ED with 500iu of HCG 2x wk  will force your body to produce test, which would probably make you feel much better than the var or OT. you really cant fully recover from this as you'd need to discontinue the HCG and let your body learn to produce on its own. so this isn't PCT, but it would be closer to recovery than using the orals.