Women and HGH

  • anonymous716
    Women and HGH
    on: 2013-07-07 05:20:22
    I am a female and am interested in trying HGH injections. i recently tried testosterone and could not handle the side effects. do you have any knowledge on the side effects of HGH injections in women?? Thank you!
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Women and HGH
    on: 2013-07-09 06:03:27

    i'm very glad you decided to write. you need to know that test is not a good idea for females. there is such a thing as test therapy for females, but it is dosed in the mcg's, not the mg's! i hope that none of the sides were too bad and that you can fully recover from them. females need to be very careful with AAS. they are all based around the male hormone, testosterone. some of the side effects of these drugs are very unbecoming and not reversable. if you decide to use AAS in the future, do as much reading as you can about the pros and cons. i will say that i do know females that use test and other hardcore androgens. the gals i know who run these drugs are bigger than most of the guys you'll see in an average gym. they've made a decission that they want to reach a specific look and feel that they are willing to sacrifice certain aspects of their bodies in order to reach their goals. some steroids are safer for females but all of them come with risks. these risks inculde, but are not limited to facial and body hair growth, deeping of the voice(most say they feel horse and once that happens, the vocal cords have already thickened), enlarged clitoris male pattern baldness, plus many of the sides that men experince, such as acne, oily skin, ect. for the future, if you ever decide to use a steroid, anavar is the safest one for women. start low around 5mg and see how it effects you. the normal dose for gals is between 5 and 20mg, ideally split into two doses daily. some girls are more sensitive than others. you may find no issues on 20 mg or you may notice more body hair growth on 5mg. the only other AAS i would suggest to a woman is injectable primo. i've seen girls use 50 to 100mg EW. these are the safest. 


    BUT...you weren't writing about AAS. you were asking about GH. HGH is a great idea for women. HGH is not an AAS. it is a protein peptide. it does not have any of the potential sides i mentioned above. i've seen girls make great progress on just 2IU a day of high quality growth. you may also be interested to know that not only will it help you gain new muscle, it can help you get leaner, while reversing wrinkes, making hair and nails stronger, and improving your quality of sleep. a peptide like this is truely ideal for a woman who wants to use performance enhancing drugs while avoiding the sides of AAS. just keep in mind that the results are not as dramatic as that of AAS. you won't get huge off of gh alone, so if that is your goal, AAS may eventually have to become part of your program. GH may initally give you some fluid retention but over time, that will level out, especially if you keep the dose on the lower side. the drawbacks to gh is the cost for high quality product and the length of time it must be run. if you keep the dose at 2-3iu ED, it isnt that expensive, but it will cost you more than running a little anavar. the effects of gh are slow and take time. i wouldnt consider using it for less than 4 months. anything less would be a waste of money, IMO. ideally, i would suggest going for 6 months. i would also advise against just going with whats cheapest. gh is a very delicate protein and not easy to make. when it comes to the generic colored tops, ie blue tops, red tops, there can be a wide range of quality, from totally fake to decent gh. naps wouldn't carry a product that isn't of good quality, so if you purchase his blue top generics, i'm sure you will get results. i would much prefer the hyge's over them though. hyge is one of the very best of the gh's on the market. i even remember seeing some tests showing it was on par with US pharma made gh. the price is higher for hyge than it is the generics, but it is still a whole lot cheaper than pharm grade. i priced out some HRT clinics and they said i would be looking at $800-$1200 for a month supply, at a low dose. this makes $500 to $600 per 200iu (enough to run for a few months) not seem so bad haha. 


    if you decide to take this step, be sure to first soak up as much info on the topic as you can. i would use it 5 days on, 2 days off for at least 4 months.