After cycle advice - TRT

  • rasmls
    After cycle advice - TRT
    on: 2019-06-16 22:55:22
    Mr. Pro,I’m 53yrs old (6ft 196lbs) and just finishing up my 2nd cycle. First cycle was Test E only @ 500mg week and HCG @ 500mg week. Arimadex @ .50 EOD. Clomid/Nolvadex for PCT. I actually think I could have used more Arimadex during 1st cycle. Estrogen was a bit high with some bloating. Goal was to build some muscle while minimizing fat gain. Weight increased to 220lbs during first cycle. Very happy for 1st cycle.2nd cycle I actually passed by you and it’s going very well. Goal this time was to build some more lean muscle and trim fat as much as possible. Cycle started with Oxy 50 for 4 weeks along with Test E @ 500mg split every 3rd day. Added Tren A (50mg) EOD after 4th week & Mast (1.5mg) every 3rd day w/Test E after 4th week. Arimadex 1mg EOD. Adding Clen @ 40mg 2x day for last couple weeks. Amping up cardio and seeing good results. Diet near perfect. Nearing the end and would like to stay on TRT, self administered, at 150-200mg week because my baseline testosterone was 300 before any cycling. With monitor cholesterol through labs. Cholesterol was only issue during 1st cycle. Everything else remained in range. Blood pressure was a bit lower than normal. Will do labs again after 2nd cycle ends. Liver and prostate will be checked with doctor during yearly physical without knowledge of cycling.Questions then are: Is 150-200mg Test E a good starting point for TRT if my baseline was 300 (bottom end of range on labs was 300) Also, I’ve been researching and it sounds like I should stay with HCG as well. Dosed @ 250mg week?How often can I incorporate other compounds and increase my Test E to 500mg week, in essence, cycle again? Twice a year for 12-14 weeks?Thank you very much for the advice. Haven’t been in this good of shape in many years.
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: After cycle advice - TRT
    on: 2019-06-27 09:20:21

    Ok so going to TRT, yes 150 to 200mg a week would be a good place to start. I would start this up after the cycle, then check you labs after about 5 wks post cycle. See that everything is in order and check your test and level. As a general rule of thumb, after a cycle that has been 12-16 wks, I would take at least 8 wks off and get labs done at the end of that before going back on cycle. Make sure your liver, kidney, red blood numbers are all good. If so, you are good to go for the next round! I'm indifferent about the HCG. Some guys use it on TRT, some do not. I never use it personally