Glen and t3

  • CS282
    Glen and t3
    on: 2019-06-17 12:37:26
    Hello I have a question I am currently about to start a 6 week cutting cycle with a liquid bottle of Clen 100mcg/ t3 100mcg per ml combo 60ml.I know I should start out with 20mcg and careful my dosage depending on my tolerance while not exceeding 100mcg a day but, What do you recommend I start out with the dosage and should I do a one week on and week off cycle?
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Glen and t3
    on: 2019-07-09 10:00:30

    6 wks is not a long time. If you have gotten fat and need to diet down, there is a good chance it took longer than 6 wks to get where you are. In order to get into lean condition, you will need to give yourself more time. The outline I am going to give you is how I would use clean longer term but if you want to stop at 6 wks, that’s fine. The reason for increasing the way we are is to limit side effects. With a good diet and cardio plan, you can make good progress with this ,using only 3 tiers of clan, ending at 60. If you want to go longer, you will of course get leaner dieting for more time. I would use the clen at 20mcg for 2 wks, then add 20mcg to that dose every 2 wks, so 2 wks at 20, then 2 at 40, 2 at 60, etc, Working up no higher than 120mcg for the final 2 wks. For T3 I would suggest  using this on a longer diet. It works best when our thyroid would start to slow, dieting for an extended period. If you want to use it right away, I would start with 25mcg a day taken in the AM on empty. Then after 3 wks, if you want to use more, 25 in the AM, 25 PM. Then in the end, spend a week tapering off.