Anabolics vs HGH

  • BackProblems
    Anabolics vs HGH
    on: 2019-07-07 12:06:59
    HGH and Strengthening Anabolic stack? Seeking knowledge on HGH and a good Anabolic stack. Objectives: build muscle and strengthen tendons to help stop my lower back from going out. Long story short - Former pro athlete (not disclosing the sport) that sustained a major lower-back injury in 2011. Since them I have got through multiple treatments of PRP, stem cell therapy, PT, acupuncture, pain management, personal training, etc. nothing is working due to weakness. The biggest issue I am facing is that once I "graduate from PT" and go into personal training, my back goes out because I don't have the core muscles or frame to stabilize my spine. I've found a doctor who is willing to monitor my labs with me. I just need to know what to buy, what a good cycle would be to start out. Is HGH a good Idea to add to the mix? Only experience I have had was with Deca about 14 years ago - results were decent. Current stats: 33yrs - 6'0 - 191 lbs - moderately-active, able to become more active if body allows.Any insight/help would be appreciated.
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Anabolics vs HGH
    on: 2019-07-18 10:16:27

    Hey brother, first off, sorry to hear about this. Sadly I have been able to relate to this all too well, in my own life and others that I have worked with. How is your glute development? Have you trained them directly? I could with a close friend that his back was going out constantly for years. He got better in a lot of ways but still had issues. Turned out that his glutes were not firing well. So in a barbell row for instance, the low back would have to take too much of the load, without glutes and hams holding up their end of the load. So check out things like single leg body weight glute bridges, hip thrusts and maybe adductor movements. Then make sure you are activating the glutes on all exercises you do. As for gear and peptides, Ill start with something that can help when you do tweak your back. Hopefully you won’t need it but if you do, BP157. Personally I find 600-800mcg a day taken into any muscle IM works well. For longer term collagen synthesis, GH at a replacement dose of 3iu every day would be helpful. As long as you are using test as your base compound to replace your natural test production, adding in deca at 200-300mg a week can be helpful. EQ which I would dose at 300mg a week also will help to rebuild collagen as will Anavar, though being an oral, var can have more sides. Each of these steroids can have sides so make sure you weigh them out. The GH, and deca plus test replacement would probably be my go-to suggestion. If you have issues with deca (some guys get sexual issues), use EQ instead. You can use these things long term as long as you keep the doses low like suggested and watch your lab work to ensure your red blood, blood pressure, kidneys, liver, cholesterol. Best of luck brother. If you need more specific help, feel free to ask