When to dose estrogen blocker

  • Barron22
    When to dose estrogen blocker
    on: 2019-07-27 17:45:35
    I am on sustanon 350 1/2 ml mixed with test cypianate 200 1/2 ml twice a week. This shit builds muscle doing nothing. my workouts are sluggish with an intolerable pain in both shoulders after about 2 exercises of 4 sets each. Is this pain going to fade or is this a side effect, also is this a good beginners cycle? I also have clenbuterol but only took for a couple of days because it felt like it was draining my energy. When is a good time to start it back or start at all? The sustanon is for 10 weeks and i planned to stay on the cypianate for the seen future unless it not recommended to ? I had 5 months but im about to start 3rd month? Most important question is should I have been est. suppresser this whole time or should I start one now or later. I have gotten contradictory advice from others. Can u recommend a specific type or brand? Forgot to mention im on the 3rd week of 10 with Sustanon and 3rd month of cypianate.? Implementation of clenbuterol?
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: When to dose estrogen blocker
    on: 2019-08-09 17:08:58

    Hey brother, a lot to cover here. First, Sust and Cyp are the exact same drug. The difference is in the esters. The drug itself is the same thing. The idea of stacking is combining steroids of different types to get a unique effect. This is just more of the same. So you are using about 550mg test per week. Keep in mind that while on, you shut your natural production off and the longer you are off, the more likely you will not be able to produce again. So running any steroid long term will result in an inability to produce test and in many cases cause infertility. If this is all ok by you, you will still want to get lab work done between cycles while you continue on your cyp to make sure everything is healthy. As for estrogen control, with your test dose, I’m sure estrogen can come down. Thing is, there is no exact formula. Everyone reacts different. And everyone has their own level of sensitivity to Ai’s. I would use Arimidex. I like the Geneza brand if available. Others would do though. And I would start with .5mg every other day. Then to find out how thats working, you can get labs done to check your estrogen level and adjust as needed to make sure you’re in range. About the pain, I don’t understand. Are you injecting into the delts? If so, that pain does get better. But switch to glutes. They are much more forgiving and with less pain. Sure you can add clen. This is not a steroid. It’s a fat burner. It won’t change anything with the cycle and you can run it on and off gear. My thought is, get through your 10 wk cycle here. Then in the future, consider the things Ive mentioned above before starting again. Of course, coming off and running a PCT would be what you wanted to do if you want to recover your test level naturally