TRT for last 10 years but NEVER able to increase libido or improve erections

  • yodiddy
    TRT for last 10 years but NEVER able to increase libido or improve erections
    on: 2019-08-19 03:43:05
    I'm not sure if my situation is common, after all, the benefits of TRT are to improve your overall quality of life. I've been on TRT for over 10 years, I've never experienced ANY improvement in erections or libido whatsoever. I'm 41 and I have not been able to get a solid lasting erection since my mid 20's without viagra and even that doesn't always work for me. I've seen DOZENS of endocrinologists, urologists, mens health doctors, anti aging clinics, none have been able to improve the sexual issues I've experienced. Blood work has proven to show increased testosterone levels, balanced estrogen, prolactin stable, etc etc.....symptoms of zero sex drive, no erections, etc have never been improved. Strength is great, increase in vascularity, endurance, recovery, etc..all your typical signs of improving quality of life have consistently been there EXCEPT the sexual benefits. One might ask....why have I continued TRT? answer....if I come off I get soft, fatigued, weak, etc. I've been considering a very aggressive long term PCT type of experiment just to see how my body responds. Please feel free to share any advice or suggestions, all is appreciated. Thank you
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: TRT for last 10 years but NEVER able to increase libido or improve erections
    on: 2019-08-24 21:26:19

    Hey brother, first off, just wow. This is a really unique situation. I don’t think I have heard this happening before. At least not in a case where someone has had issues like this and still didn’t find relief after finding proper medical treatment. I wish I could ask you a few more questions to better understand where you’re at. Like how old you are and if you have any idea what caused your low test to begin with. This is the critical key right here. In order to understand how to fix it, its important to understand why it happened. So interesting additional info would also include, Had you previously used steroids? If so, there is such a thing as androgen de-sensitization. If not, have you ever had a closed head injury or any other trauma that could have caused hormonal changes. Whatever the reason for your low test was, I believe that would be a key in helping. It sounds like you have gotten a lot of opinions. As far as specialists go, there are some out there who are very good and some that seem to not be that great. Beyond that, I wonder if you have looked into this with a phycologist. Is there a mental block that you’re not even aware of? So much of having and maintaining an exertion is mental. I do wish that I could help you more. I hate to see someone suffer. You’ve obviously responded to steroids from the sounds of your experience. We know the test is working. I have to admit this is beyond my scope