Response to the Mens Physique competitor cycle

  • anonymous369
    Response to the Mens Physique competitor cycle
    on: 2013-07-11 17:11:23
    My bad I should have gave you my history. Well I am 36 years old. I have done 2 cycles last year. One was Test Cyp at 400 a week. The second one was Test cyp and equipoise 5OO/400 a week. With the cycle you laid out for the MP competitor cycle what would be good dosage to start with? Also I would like to put just a little more size on. Another question I have is about GH.In magazines and other forum boards you hear things about GH Bellies, Hands,feet and foreheads getting bigger. I know you cant believe everything you here so I thought I ask you about since your in the industry. Thanks for your help.
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Response to the Mens Physique competitor cycle
    on: 2013-07-13 06:03:35

    using your cycle histroy, i went back to your original question and updated it with doses.

    as for the gh. those side effects you're speaking of come from using it at high doses with insulin and maybe igf. i have never seen someone have side effects like this from taking 4 or less IU's. thats not to say that it cant happen. if you are predisposed to acromegalic features, the growth of feet, hands, ect, this can happen, but this is very rare. i've never known anyone personally to expereince anything like this on 2-4iu. the only things i've seen along these lines have been with a few guys using 10 plus iu's.  as for the extended bellies, i've expereinced this first hand. when my stomach got most out of control, i was using insulin alone. no gh at the time. a lot of people in the know believe it is from insulin use and high food consumption. you have to understand that big guys need to eat a lot to get big. and if you want to get freaky big, you need to eat more. i've heard kai claim to eat 10lbs of fish a day in prep. that in itself will cause distention.  

    at the dose i suggested to you, you'll find that your stomach gets flatter and tighter. your skin develops better "snap" and shriks up faster as you lose fat