no sides

  • tonny1981
    no sides
    on: 2014-03-11 17:12:57
    im on a cycle of 500 test e, 400 deca, 30 dbol. i dont feel any diffrent in any way. no pimples,hair growth, eraction problems, no sides at all. i dont even use hcg on cycle. how is it posible i dont have no sides? i know the gear works. i guess its a good thing not like what ppl on tv just over blow how bad this steroids are. i know if you over do it u can mess youre self up but i can do this safely for few cycles just to get in nice lean shape and be ok right?
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: no sides
    on: 2014-03-13 02:01:48

    The side effects you speak of can be more of the superficial varity, and can go away when you cycle off. More important are the side effects that you can't feel or see. A big one is high blood pressure. A guy can never have problems with BP though his whole life, but go on cycle and experince issues. High BP can cause kidney damage and long term, having cycled for a few years, not knowing there was a problem, this guy may find out that he is suffering a major problem. I know a guy who recently found out that his kidney function is at 65%. The only reason he found this out was because he was getting an extensive physical for a job in law enforcement. His cycles were never more than a couple CC's of Sust and a little tren. Nothing close to what I've heard other non-competitors using, just to look good for summer. Now thins isn't going to happen to all of us, but he was probably predisposed and went undiagnosed for several years. Had he gone to the Dr, like I suggest, every 3 months, and get lab work, he would have been able to stop this a long time ago.

    Same goes for cholesterol and liver. You may not have ever had cholesterol issues, but steroids can effect that. You want to keep an eye on where you're levels are and develop a plan if things get out of control. As for liver, guys think they are safe or "protected" when they use milk thistle. Not true. The only way you are safe, is if you know what the lab report says. And don't think that it's just orals. They are worse on the liver, but injectables effect it as well

    I'm not saying any of this to scare you away from gear. Yes, you can cycle, get in nice lean shape and be ok. You just have to watch your body and know whats going on.