im 45 and this is my first cycle. what should I use ?

  • anonymou
    im 45 and this is my first cycle. what should I use ?
    on: 2014-03-14 17:31:15
    I am a 45 year old healthy male. I am 5'8 and 175 lbs bodyfat 13 percent.Going to do my first cycle as follows500 mg test e 250 given twice a week weeks 1 thru 12Dianabol 25mg daily weeks 1 thru 6Clomid daily weeks 15 thru 17Fincar dailyMy goal is to cut body fat n replace w muscle dont mind gaining a few lbs....Any suggestions on this cycle? Also I have and dovitamin b12 Iinjectipns..should I continue while on cycle..Iif so dosage suggestion.Lastly any thoughts on incorporating hgh for fat burning n anti aging in this cycle...or in the alternative suggest a different cycle for this goal.Thank ypu
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: im 45 and this is my first cycle. what should I use ?
    on: 2014-03-18 17:06:02

    Sounds like a great plan. All your doses and timing look to be good. I would continue on your B12, as normal, through the cycle. I have seen reseach to say that 5000mcg sublingual b12 is as good as a 1000mcg IM injection. B12 is water based, and whatever doesn't get used, will pass out of your system. It needs to be taken regularly. I've seen a lot of Dr's give b12 1x anywhere from 1x wk to 1x month. I don't think that this is ideal. I would take a shot one time wk at 1000mcg and use 5000mcg sublingual for the rest of the days, to keep your levels consistently high. As for GH, at your age, adding in a couple iu would probably be a good plan. Thing you have to remember with GH, is that it is a long term project. You'll see changes in the short term, possibly better skin, nails and hair, possibly better sleep. You may gain some fluid, which increases pumps in the gym. To see a long term effect though, such as fat loss, you need to run it for an extended time. The change is subtle, not at all like AAS. 5 months down the road, you may see that you are leaner and will overall better shape. Your skin my seem tighter and more elastic. It'll be more of a transformation, but like I said, it takes time. 2-3iu of a high quality GH, taken every day, for a year would show these results and put you in a better environment for muscle growth. At the least, I would run it for 5 months. And I would use the best brand you can afford. Besides human grade, I am a big fan of the effect that Hyge has had on my physique. They are consistently well dosed and strong