cycle concerns

  • anonymous379
    cycle concerns
    on: 2014-03-23 20:57:15
    how r u bro thank u for the past answers and best of luck with ur next level nutrition program if i was looking for help or if i was about to compete u would be the only guy id hire. I have been feeling this slight tightness or tired felling in the center of my chest for a few mnths (6 or so ) since i finished my 1st test trn cycle ( gp test etren stack 1 ml per week for ten weeks ) im not so concerned that i think fuck i got to go to the doctors asap i think/hope that its just thick blood / hemocrate what ever sorry forgot what its called my blood presure is 138 over 89 heart rate is 98 bpm . i think if i gave 1 to 2 pints of blood that all will be well since in all my 6 yrs of useing aas ive never gave blood at all so the chances i have high heme is good , what do u think ? i allmost allways use test e or cyp 500mgs/wk deca 500mg/wk only use dbol 2 times a year for 4weeks at a time the rest of the time its just injectables. also i never off cycle i will drop all drugs but test and go no lower then 500mgs /wk i also want to say that i havent talked to my doctor and let him know that this is what i do because im honestly worried about what he may say. i do need my blood work done because i have no idea what my cloesteraL count is so i will make a apoinment for blood work or anything else u feel i should do . my deit is clean chicken rice fish beef no salt or unheathey fat like french fries and burgers. im not diabetic and i beleave to be in good health i just have this tired dull feeling in my chest that wont go away for a long period of time . i dont get light heeded and i dont get numb finger tips and lips when i do cardio so i guess thats a good sign. i have noticed that if i take 1/2 a blood presure tab( 1/2 .3 clonidine ) that i dont feel that feeling in my chest at all but man that blood presure pill makes me so sleepy i could never train no way in hell. all i do is slepp. is there a blood presure tab that i could get from naps that dont afect my work outs and make me a sleepy lazy ass ? if u say see a doctor hey thats what i will do , i respect ur advive emencely thank u very much for ur time
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: cycle concerns
    on: 2014-03-26 02:40:37

    Thanks for the kind words, bro. I'm glad to have the Q/A as well as Next Level Nutritional Services. Sharing my experience is rewarding and hopefully, it's getting a lot of guys big/ripped, while staying healthy. As for your question, my first thought is also hematocrit, but without labs, it's only a guess. If this is the case, donating a pint of blood will fix the problem. If this is the problem, you're putting a lot of unneeded stress on your heart, bro. I would suggest donating a pint of blood every several months, especially if you are using TRT year round. Also, if you have problems with clonidine, I would find a new drug that doesn't give you side effects. I find that norvasc works well for me and the side effects are minimal. For a lot of BP meds, the sides get easier to deal with, once you are used to taking it regularly. 138/90 isn't awful but it isn't great either. I walk around in the off season at 110/70. You can do better! Your kidneys will thank you. 

    Since you're going into the Dr, if you have insurance, I would just opt for a complete physical. Some providers will flip the bill for everything for a yearly physical. You're Dr will check everything along with your hematocrit and kidney function, which is my other concern for you. Since you are a long term user, I would also get an EKG to check for heart enlargement. Not all heart enlargement is a bad thing. The heart is a muscle that can develop when exercised. Most serious athletes will have some heart enlargement. The key is to keep an eye on it and watch to see it's development over time. 

    Sorry I do not have a more specific answer for you. This one is going to take some labs. I'm sure you will be fine, but you do need to know exactly what is going on in your body.