What ya think & what to add?

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    What ya think & what to add?
    on: 2014-03-27 19:01:48
    Hey my friend..I appreciate your help in the past but need an opinion. I am 46 and been in the gym 25yrs but took off 8 due to major health prob.No longer compete but sit round 200-205lbs at 5'7. I have been back on gear for about yr and hlf(on/off).So. I was thinkin of this and want to know if ya think its enough or what I should add.WEEK 1-10 Sostenon 750mgs/wkWEEK 3-6 Anadrol 50/day(only have 3wks worthWEEK 3-8 Tren Ace 500mgs/wkCash is tight but was wondering what ya think & if I should add in sumthing??..Thanks in advance
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    Re: What ya think & what to add?
    on: 2014-03-30 01:53:00

    I'm not sure I like the timing on the Drol. 3 wks will be enough to make some changes, but why not kick start the cycle with it? Then add the tren in wk 3 as planned? This way, your cycle will start out strong. You'll add a solid amount of fluid, while you wait for your test to kick in. I would also use an AI through the cycle, at a low dose and follow it up with a solid PCT. I find that tren can be harder to recover from, so at your age, it may be worth adding in some HCG, 250iu 2x wk, through the cycle. 

    I would excpect to get very strong on this cycle. Be careful!