can I mix clen in this cycle

  • Grapplingvice
    can I mix clen in this cycle
    on: 2014-03-27 21:54:21
    Hi, first let me say thanks for your time and help. Stats 46 6-1 208lbs 4th cycle. First 3 cycles were test e only 12wks 500mg wk 12wks 500 then 14wks at 750 wk This cycle I am running test e 500mg wk and primobolan 600mg a week for 14 weeks I was planning on running anavar the last 6 wks at 50mg ed and was looking at adding in clen the last 2 wks. I am using arimidex and hcg through out cycle and will bump up the hcg after last jab and then start with nova and clomid 3 wks after last jab. I will use those for appox 30-45 days. Can you tell me if this looks ok or if I should NOT add the clen in there or maybe take the clen or the anavar at diffent times during the cycle? thanks againg for your time and knowledge.
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: can I mix clen in this cycle
    on: 2014-03-30 02:10:00

    Ok I see a good program here. Couple things I'm not sure about though.

    First,  The HCG. You said you are going to bump it up after the last pin, correct? Thats ok if you use more while you wait for your gear to clear, but I hope you are planning to come off the HCG, once PCT starts. You'll want to be off of HCG, in order to begin recovering. HCG is used to kick start the process, but you have to come off of it, and let your body learn to produce on it's own. 

    Second, 2 wks of clen isn't going to do very much for you. If you are interested in burning fat while on this cycle and want to use clen, I would use clen, starting much earlier. I would get the diet running, start making progress and then add 40mcg clen ED for 2 wks, After 2 wks, add 20mcg. Continue adding 20mcg every 2 wks, through the cycle, going no higher than 120mcg. I'm not a big fan of using any drug for just 2 wks(except maybe DNP and I would not use it with my clients 99.9% of the time). Changes take time and you are much better off planning for a longer run to get the most out of it