test enanthate 300, injectable dbol & winny cycle

  • willy
    test enanthate 300, injectable dbol & winny cycle
    on: 2014-03-28 11:14:40
    Started taking Test E 300 about 7 weeks ago with 3 weeks left. Have gained 11lbs since. Started 6'4 190. Now current ht. 6'4 wt. 201. Should I of started my cycle with dbol then Test E? Any suggestions I could use some advice. Scholarship was taken away from football cuz of my interest in bodybuilding & roids. #HelpaNewbie
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: test enanthate 300, injectable dbol & winny cycle
    on: 2014-03-30 05:32:53

    Something doesn't sound right to me here, brother. At your size and with 300mg test, I would have expected you to gain more than this, even if your training isn't great. You did put on 11 lbs. Now I would expect the average guy at your height to gain about 9-14 lbs of water, coming on about 3 to 5 wks into the cycle. So I am going to venture a guess that the gear is ok. There is a possibility that it is under dosed. I'm not sure what brand you used. I know it wasn't geneza, as they are dosed at 250mg. So assuming the gear is good, 99% of the time, the problem is going to be diet. You are a big fella, very tall and you will require a great deal of food to make progress. At 200 lbs, 6'4, I would want you to eat about 375-400g protein for starters. If you aren't getting this much, you can assume your lack of gains was because of diet. Unfortunately, up to this point, a lot of what you gained may be fluid, which will go away after the cycle is over. Adding more drugs on top will not fix the problem. When you come off, you would just lose the fluid from that drug too. Lately I've been using the example of a young guy I helped a few months back. He was a shorter guy, 5'4. He gained 25 lbs in 10 wks on 1cc sust EW. After the fluid was gone, I believe he kept 14 lbs. Of course, not all of this was pure muscle. He did gain a little body fat too, but it was minimal and he was able to lose it about 6 to 8 wks after PCT was completed.

    If you aren't eating enough, I would turn your food up for these last 3 wks and make the most out of it. Then, look at this as a lesson. We are all given oppertunities in life to learn and get better. This could be a great chance for you, in understanding how you need to set your program up in the future. Here is what I would learn from this. First, make 100% sure that you are using legit gear. I am going to suggest human grade or geneza pharm. Those are the two directions I go. Next, make sure that diet is nailed. If you or anyone else is interested, I am offering customized plans that will walk you through a 12 wk cycle, week by week. Next Level Nutritional Services