• anonymous931
    on: 2014-03-29 06:12:42
    l don't know anything about it could you please educate me its been 10 years since my last competition.
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: masteron
    on: 2014-03-31 23:22:40

    Masteron is a great DHT baed drug, ideal for use during the last 6-8 wks of a contest prep. In competition, it stacks well with prop and tren ace. There is a ceratin dry/hard quality that I get from mast that seems unique to other hardeners. It's more of a grainy quality, and of course, increased vascularity. Although it dries you out, I never feel dry joints on mast, the way I can on winstrol. I would much prefer the fast acting masteron prop version when dialing in for a show, but if I were not competing and wanted to, lets say, look good for the summer, GP mast 200, which contains some long acting Mast E, might be the way I go. Either way, about 100mg EOD is a good average dose, stacked with some test. 

    If you have used proviron, you will notice a similar effect on libido. Both will bind to SHBG, freeing up some of your test, but Mast may actually help you with muscle gains in your diet allows.