• anonymous817
    on: 2013-07-17 05:40:25
    wanna start a cycle of the tren n dbol oral together. what kind of amounts should I b liking to use? this will b my 4th cycle/stack. I'm 5'6" 170 n about 10% body fat. if that.
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: tren/dbol
    on: 2013-07-21 03:28:56

    this is a killer combo for strength, my friend. i've done this cycle before and was ripping weights that i previous hadn't touched. interestingly, when i've gotten strength off of tren, i've kept much of it after the cycle is complete. of course, you will want to use test as the base of this stack to keep everything functioning properly. the new school trend has been to run a low dose of test with high tren. call me old fashion, but i stick with what has always worked for me. i would run something like this. 

    being that this is your first run with tren, you'll want to test the waters with it and start a little lower until you see how you respond. personally, i have found that every day injects have greately reduced side effects for me. i would start at 50mg EOD and then if you are comfortable, work your way up to 100mg EOD. since you'll be doing EOD injects, i would suggest breaking your test dose down into EOD injects as well, just to simplify everything. that way, you'll do the same amount of gear in every shot. i'm suggesting about 500mg test, so if you run it EOD, that would be 1/2cc EOD. you dont have to do it this way, but i find it easier to use less oil more often. my injections sites seem to stay fresher that way.  with dbol, the main benefit is that it will add water weight quickly and get your strength up fast. it will bring you into an anabolic state very fast while you wait for the long esters to begin working. IME, using lower doses over longer periods seem to allow me better overall gains than when i've taken high doses for shorter periods. plus, i'm a big believer in synergy, the idea that 1+1=3 or 4. combining steroids give a better effect than when you use them on their own. a lower dose of dbol will allow you to keep getting that synergy for a longer period of time. it was a VERY long time before i ever touched 50mg dbol but i read on the boards about newbies starting their first cycle with that dose. huh? yea. lol. so thats my reasoning on suggesting the dose i suggest. you can always go higher in dose down the road in another cycle. if you dont want to follow this advice and do end up going with, say 40-50mg, i would cut the duration down to 4-6 wks.  i would also use enough of an AI to control estrogen but not dry you out. you want to keep a decent amount of estrogen in your body if growing new tissue is your goal. the dose will depend on your individaul body but i believe you will probably do ok on about .25mg of adex  3x wk to EOD. if you find yourself noticing signs of high estrogen, ramp it up a little to .5mg EOD to get things under control. then back of a little once things are ok. remember that dbol is a high converter to estogen. you may not need as much adex when you come off of that. 


    ok, here you go bro...


    test e 500mg

    tren ace 50mg to 100mg EOD

    adex start with .25mg EOD...adjust as needed


    dbol 25mg


    PCT starts 2 wks after last injection of test


    eat big and grow!